Aerospace & Defense

As airline fleet modernization and aircraft retirements continue – aerospace manufacturers are feeling more pressure to innovate at the lowest cost possible.  However, disparate databases and disjointed workflows across functions creates information gaps and slows down product introduction schedules.

Adaptive works with aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1/2 suppliers to move beyond the status-quo in their product development processes and achieve new levels of excellence and productivity that brings high performance products to market faster and more profitably.   Our solutions offer a collaborative platform that supports engineering teams who are creating a “Digital Thread” across their product  innovation and development processes.  A digital thread provides a traceable flow of information that follows the footprint of a product as it moves through the creation and development process, giving it end to end product traceability.

It is our goal to equip our A&D customers with the right guidance and technology to establish an accurate digital thread using PLM technology so that they can better define, communicate, collaborate, and predict how designs will perform before they are built.

Adaptive’s digital to physical product lifecycle solutions drive all aspects of the defense-based product planning and development processes – from design to simulation to digital manufacturing process planning to the physical side of product launches including protoyping, first article inspection using 3d scanning inspection for AS9102, and more.   Our system provides a collaborative digital platform so everyone operates on the most current and accurate information that is collected from across all PLM, PDM, and CAD systems.  We create alignment internally while meeting all government compliance requirements for documentation, inspection, and reporting.

Digital to Physical Benefits include:

  • Greater visibility into all product planning and development workflows and schedules
  • Common collaboration platform to share information and support decision making
  • Unified engineering and manufacturing change management for increased efficiency of non-conformance resolutions
  • Traceable supplier as-built data to minimize the risk of installing defective components
  • Insight into the disposition of quality issues to rapidly implement corrective actions
  • Rapid prototyping or parts replacement with 3D printing
  • Compliance with AS9102, PPAP, and other OEM documentation requirements

Our approach to digital continuity reduces the complexity in product development by integrating functions like sales, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and quality control. As a result, aerospace and defense suppliers can achieve higher margins through reduced design time, increased quality as issues are identified early, reduce the number of duplicate parts, and optimize manufacturing.

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