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AEC Design, Data and Process Management Solutions for BIM Projects

With complex projects, supply chains and delivery deadlines that may change or simply be abrupt, your company may be forced to delay on production schedules due to the many demands you face. Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies like yours need help with planning, engineering, and project information management.

At Adaptive, we understand the kind of project complexity and pressures you face. We’ve experienced it, and we’ve helped dozens of clients meet and overcome these challenges – enabling innovation by exploring new BIM (building information modeling) solutions.

Our solutions, like ENOVIA, create a total project collaboration environment that facilitates productivity by:

  • Finding the information, you need quickly
  • Invisible governance: which provides the ability to identify potential issues and risks before they fully manifest. With invisible governance, you can drive project updates with deliverable status.

Additionally, ENOVIA can help with specific divisions within AEC with particular focus on buildings, cities, and infrastructure-specific capabilities.


As integral parts of the basic infrastructure, commercial buildings not only support the business and social events of our lives, they also have an enormous environmental impact through consumption of water and energy. As a builder, you are expected to understand increasingly restrictive government codes in multiple governments around the world, but also to reduce energy consumption, use more and more recyclable construction materials and have a system in place to be very responsive to the demands of owners while under construction.

Recently, the building industry has been accelerating the pace at which it is able to complete construction by adopting elements of other industries, such as the automotive industry – capitalizing on pre-fabricated components. But managing supply and production from off-site factories demands better PLM. That’s where the specialized solutions of Adaptive Corporation come in – enabling all team members of the job to communicate in real time and update in real time so that there are no surprises – no matter the size of the team.


Creating works of public infrastructure has its own impact and a set of problems that differ from building construction. Infrastructure projects can create economic effects directly and indirectly through more efficient management of the urban infrastructure that serves as the basis of business and social activity in our communities. As part of the AEC community, your company is expected to ensure efficient usability by adopting operationally efficient design and ensuring long-term load-bearing capability of various infrastructure as well as compliance with local standards.

That’s where Adaptive comes in, our PLM solutions facilitate integrated project delivery with a foundation that supports collaboration among the different companies and organizations that infrastructure projects demand. It also overcomes the challenges of moving from 2D drawings to a consistent project flow based on the use of 3D master models available to all parties of a project no matter where they are located or when they access the plans.


Cities too, face increasing demands like rapid urbanization and sustaining current housing and infrastructure while accommodating this rapid growth. Careful consideration of planning and impact of planning is enhanced by the 3D collaborative technology of the 3DEXPERIENCE by enabling:

  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Experiential events of model cities

Adaptive can show you how these experiences can be further enhanced to enable data-based decision making for cities of the future.

Contact Adaptive today to learn how our solutions can help your company experience a more comprehensive and collaborative project through our PLM solutions.