Consumer Goods

PLM for Consumer Goods

Adaptive provides consumer goods companies with the best product lifecycle management environment for clients who require Materials Compliance, Requirements Management and Program Management solutions.

Consumer goods, maybe more than any other industry, is deadline driven – for no other industry does a missed deadline mean the loss of profits for an entire season. A missed deadline for a holiday rollout, for example, means not only a missed opportunity but incredible damage to the bottom line.

Additionally, consumers demand more from products than ever before. They know the value of their loyalty and providing good, quality products that meet their needs over less reliable generic competitors is the key.

Because of that – it is critical that companies implement product lifecycle management solutions that are capable of handling all demands, including change management, that are visible to all the critical players.

Adaptive’s PLM solutions for Consumer Goods include a holistic approach to management including:

  • New product development – providing a central location to store ideas and concepts
  • Product design – integrated specification management, value chain collaboration, and global access for your entire team
  • Virtual remodeling
  • Rapid product modeling
  • Unified data management

Why PLM?

Fast innovation, coupled with deadline-driven performance demands a solution that can encompass all your teams and facilitate product development.

Investing in high-margin, in-demand products requires accurate process tracking programs within the product lifecycle. Visibility into all areas of project planning are required in order to achieve high-level product goals. Ensuring compliance with fluctuating and rigid regulations also play a significant role in the process.

The ability to work collaboratively in real time providing one central location for storing versions and data enable your company to stay on trend and focused on new product innovations that help you stay ahead of the curve.

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