Industrial Equipment

PLM for Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

With the demands for more flexible machine tool designs and for machines that can be easily placed into existing plants, industrial machinery manufacturers find themselves at the center of a second industrial revolution – a global one, where demands can come from owners, regulatory agencies, and governmental agencies. Manufacturers must meet these demands in an environment that is increasingly competitive. The market demands maximum uptime with extended product lifetimes.

Adaptive’s PLM solutions deliver all-in-one equipment that covers the entire production process. OEMs and industrial equipment companies can produce machines tailored to customers’ needs and implement a competitive and robust spare parts management process throughout their global organizations.

Implementing a “smart object, smart product, smart plant” approach enables OEMs to stand out from the crowd by changing their business model and focusing more on value-added services – giving you an opportunity to achieve profit margins of up to 90%.

Product Lifecycle Management for Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Construction, mining and agricultural companies need robust and efficient machines that comply with national regulations. To achieve these goals, tractors, backhoes, and cranes need to possess functions once reserved for the automotive sector such as GPS technology, ground scanning features and hybrid engines.

To help meet their challenges, customers require machines that are tailored to the demands of their activity. Moreover, equipment must comply with regulations with respect to road safety and sustainability.

Adaptive’s PLM solutions help industrial equipment companies of all sizes produce smarter, higher performance and more sustainable machines. Tractors, backhoes, and cranes need to integrate new technologies to increase employee productivity.

Our PLM solutions introduce greater agility into business planning, design, and production to produce robust and efficient heavy mobile machines.

Improve your global business performance, increase operational productivity, and control costs to produce sustainable machines – contact us today.

This video shows how custom machinery and equipment can be configured using 3DEXPERIENCE PLM. The concepts in this video can be applied to any engineer-to-order business model.