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Companies in the life sciences industry face increasing challenges in today’s global economy. More competition, a worldwide digital presence via social media, complex compliance mandates, and the ever-present need to improve and innovate—the factors all combine to test even the most accomplished organizations.

Adaptive’s solutions centralize information and coordinate every step of your product lifecycle, taking concept development and design in the digital world through to production and the physical world. Our goal is to improve your ability to design and deliver the most reliable products and services with the fewest resources and least effort and cost. We enable you to advance innovation and ensure people live better lives.

Here’s how we support every stage in the digital to physical product lifecycle.

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The key step in product development, design means taking all of the available requirements and data and developing the end product in a CAD system. Manufacturers who make use of an advanced CAD system like CATIA that are tuned to the particular needs of life sciences applications can perform highly complex design and analysis tasks, including taking photos and converting them to 3D models, incorporating human mechanics and virtual reality, and even reverse engineering physical parts. In addition, embedded collaboration tools in CATIA introduce the web into tools used for marketing, creating high quality rendering or animations, which helps teams create marketing information and technical documentation for regulatory purposes much earlier in the design cycle.


A completely digital design file can realize enormous cost savings and efficiency gains when it comes to taking the next step in a typical product development process, which is simulation. Traditionally, medical device developers create new designs, build one or more prototypes, and put them on a piece of testing equipment that simulates use and/or wear to determine how the design functions. Protoypes might need to run for weeks or months before delivering results, and if the product design isn’t robust enough, new designs and prototypes must be created and tested for the same amount of time.  Our SIMULIA platform opens up new opportunities for product improvements and faster testing cycles using a variety of analysis including finite element analysis (FEA), structural analysis, fatigue analysis, load development, optimization and more.  By conducting virtual simulations on a collaborative platform like 3DEXPERIENCE and SIMULIA, you can save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks of time.

Virtual Manuacturing

Virtual manufacturing, or modeling the production process, is the next step of testing. With virtual manufacturing solutions, you can plan, simulate, and model your global production processes—virtually experiencing every step in the entire factory production-line for your design, all the way to delivery. By testing this process digitally, manufacturers can better analyze their product concepts to make the best decisions about optimizing their production approach—and save significant time and cost later.  Learn how our DELMIA solution, which sits on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, can help you efficiently test and model your production processes before going to hard production.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes bring the ease and speed of the digital world into the physical one, allowing for rapid prototyping, quick tooling production, or even custom part creation. Depending on the AM process and materials, product components can be created quickly for the purposes of testing or even for use by the consumer. As an aid to testing, AM allows for quick, inexpensive physical parts to validate fit and function. As a production tool, AM can generate tooling to support more mass-produced items and can deliver custom parts, such as prosthetic components or dental crowns, which have direct impact on patients’ lives.  Learn more about additive manufacturing solution and our industrial strength composite and metal 3D printers.

Inspection & Metrology

Inspection and metrology solutions help you ensure your products meet design performance criteria and compliance requirements. By 3D-scanning products, tools, or parts that need to be reworked and improved, you can create 3D, digital images in the CAD platform that can be redesigned and analyzed for compliance with customer requirements, as well as a variety of standards. Adaptive’s metrology solutions by Creaform offer hand held and stationary 3D scanners that can create 3D scans for small devices to large inspection equipment as large as an automobile.  Our advanced inspection and reporting capabilities help you ensure your products meet design performance criteria and avoid unwanted warranty defect claims and returns.

Business Intelligence

The heart of Adaptive’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform is its business intelligence: a single location for every bit of product, customer, supplier, or operational data that is relevant to your organization. Typically at a company, this is stored across multiple, disparate, and often siloed systems—most of which never communicate. Extra effort is required to collate product data information, make it meaningful to the company, and impact the bottom line. Our unified EXALEAD solution transforms large volumes of heterogeneous, multi-source product data into meaningful, real-time information intelligence to help you improve business processes and gain competitive advantage.

Enterprise Collaboration

Communication is a company’s lifeblood, and getting the right information at the right time is crucial to an efficient PLM process. That’s why the ENOVIA solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a comprehensive toolset for connecting content, context, and process across the office or across the globe—ensuring communication and collaboration about every aspect of a project, between every person, and at every stage of the product lifecycle. ENOVIA enables global collaborative innovation, online creation and collaboration, mobile collaboration, one single platform for IP management, scheduling collaboration, a lifelike experience, and a lower total cost of ownership and quick ROI.

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