Marine & Offshore

The demands of delivering safer, greener vessels on time and on budget are greater than ever for the Marine and Offshore industry. Being able to create innovative, sustainable concepts that are in line with strict environmental and safety regulatory requirements place ever greater demand on your resources. Couple this with the demand for new sources of energy and the industry faces an ever expanding future. Use Adaptive’s solutions to get a handle on all the disparate parts of your organization, no matter how far-flung the teams may be across the globe with PLM solutions and our long experience helping deliver sustainable innovations more efficiently while keeping costs and schedules in hand.

Our solutions connect requirements, regulations, project planning, design and engineering teams throughout the design process with full traceability. It reduces costly rework by experimenting with alternative scenarios at an early stage in the design process with 3D simulation and analysis.

Additionally, shipyards can take advantage of collaborative planning and monitoring project status in real time and even include suppliers in the streamlined flow of information that ensures on-time-on-budget delivery of projects

With our solutions, shipbuilders can also design, simulate, analyze and validate the optimal design while maximizing on the demands for style, innovation and advanced technology and keeping them within regulatory requirements.

Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Navy vessel design – clear and comprehensive guidance and specifications must be given to contractors and Navy offices must be able to track necessary changes in real-time and monitor all aspects of ship lifecycles
  • Commercial ships – as a fleet ages, it must be replaced with better vessels, cleaner, smarter, with more advanced technologies – builders must be able to communicate immediately with designers any challenges so that designers can quickly overcome them
  • Offshore – build smart and safe offshore platforms and vessels to process and refine raw energy materials by pre-processing them in place before being stored for transport. Political, public relations and economic concerns often dictate the requirements. Designers and builders need to design these complex vessels and overcome challenges that come with floating and sailing systems without gaps or delays.
  • Yachts and workboats – safely and affordably incorporate advanced integrated technologies into yachts and meeting the demands of yacht owners

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