Natural Resources

PLM for Natural Resources

Adaptive solutions enable sustainable innovation for business and the planet, including: lean mine construction, perfecting the mine and the plant, intelligent subsurface management, and mastering the supply chain.

The natural resources industry is dealing with variable commodity demand, oversupply in some sectors, and prices that are less stable and predictable. With our PLM solutions, Adaptive can help you maintain full control over all aspects of your business in this increasingly difficult global economic environment. Our solution features:

  • Data-driven decision making – the right data available when and where it is needed including efficiency of equipment and labor
  • The leading design, engineering, and modeling tools on a collaborative framework
  • Full simulation to try out any idea in the virtual world to weigh its real-world impact before you make changes
  • An immediate understanding of how well your processes are functioning right now with the ability to identify the problems and introduce improvements globally

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