The energy industry is under pressure as growth accelerates and demands for new, sustainable energy sources emerge. Then there’s the delivery method – with ever increasing expectations for more efficient delivery methods.

To gain a competitive advantage it is imperative that companies like yours accelerate time to market by enabling collaboration across supply chain operations. Product lifecycle management can help you with not only developing new methodologies and products but also by enhancing quality, safety, and keeping track of environmental regulations.

Adaptive’s PLM solutions are ideal for a number of energy-related industries and specialties including:

  • Wind turbines – from wind turbine development to wind farm planning, operations, and maintenance to grid supply dash boarding
    • End-to end composites solution – design, simulation, and manufacturing
    • Integrated project management and product development with variant configurations
    • Advanced simulation of wind turbine components
    • Mechanical and structural design for engineering of wind turbine systems
    • Collaborative project management of capital projects
    • Operations and dash boarding management
    • Technical documentation
    • Virtual training for operators
  • Oil and gas – moving into complex fields with increased environmental scrutiny – whether downstream or upstream in the value chain, Adaptive has the tools you need:
    • Solutions that facilitate data-driven exploration decisions
    • Integrated reservoir modeling and simulations
    • Production management and optimization
    • Shutdown planning
    • Simulation-based reliability and safety assessments
    • 3D virtual maintenance simulations and work instructions
    • Virtual training
    • Spare parts intelligence
    • Optimized plant construction
  • Hydro power – minimize the construction impact of hydro energy plans from the preliminary analysis of implementation alternatives to detailed design of the plant and equipment supported by robust program management enabling planning and monitoring execution
  • Nuclear power – gain an exact configuration of the nuclear plant virtually in 3D – helping you define a task sequence for workers to install equipment right the first time. Whether it’s new build, outage planning or license renewal, Adaptive’s solutions can help plant owners, operations, engineers, procurement, and construction minimize downtime, reduce risk and meet strict regulations.
  • Thermal power – design coal and gas-fired generation systems and aliment in 3D with the whole construction program managed collaboratively
    • Improve efficiency and storage of greenhouse gasses in order to make a cleaner plant
  • Chemical & Process – increase efficiencies and comply with safety regulations by designing process and formulations linking requirements to the final physical product characteristics. Whether planning new built or refurbishment for process change, Adaptive provides the solutions you need to optimize your project execution:
    • Keep up-to-date asset information for safety critical equipment
    • Track the relationship between requirements and physical implementation
    • Implement know-how in training with 3D lifelike virtual environments
    • Generate on-demand information for any request for compliance or safety control

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