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The Benefits of PLM for the High Tech Industry

The high tech industry is one of the most incredibly high-pressure industries. Companies are under pressure to develop innovative products at a faster pace with less profit and increased regulatory scrutiny. Teams are spread out across the globe and it is more important than ever to develop a truly collaborative development system.

The PLM solution from Adaptive helps meet the demands of the high-tech industry – both in semiconductors and OEM and ODM/EMS specialties. We have the experience to know where you need the system to work and the expertise to implement the system custom for you. Benefits include:

Benefits include:

  • Improve visibility and control of design efforts – IP reuse and hierarchical project planning are critical success factors – tighten the link between project plans and design deliverables enabling high-quality, on-time releases
  • Deploy a collaborative design management environment – enable complex IC design with seamless coordination across the globe by managing design efforts, develop large amounts of data in design libraries and create reusable IP blocks and create great communication flow
  • Reduce the cost of change – design tools and methodologies are constantly enhanced to target first-pass success and reduce the high NRE (non-recurring engineering) costs associated with mask spins – reduce the costs associated with communication gaps between customers and engineers, design and manufacturing, and design teams with our solution that aligns requirements to product configurations to bills of materials (BOMs)
  • Virtual product validation – IC designs exceed 2 billion transistors while products are applied to multiple industries – simulation is essential to maintaining product quality and sustainability