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Whether you’re designing implants, medical instruments, or improving the efficacy of medical deices, you need PLM software solutions that will enable you to design the best in life sciences. With Adaptive, you’ll be able to accelerate innovation with our integrated PLM solutions.

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PLM for Life Sciences

Increasing regulatory scrutiny puts pressure on medical device manufacturers for better quality and safety – in fact, the number of warning letters issued by the FDA is on the rise while more and more stress is being places on budgets. The time and cost to obtain market authorization is increasing, while the number of regulatory submissions accepted in the first round are down.

Medical device manufacturers need a single environment to manage critical aspects of their business and accelerate the innovation process. To be successful, companies like yours need to position yourself to jump start projects by leveraging structured business information based on customer feedback, supplier or internal est practices wile treating regulatory compliance as an asset in the development process, rather than an unwieldy requirement. Compliance and innovation should be complementary rather than confliction. Form low-complex deices to high-complex devices (including Class I, Class II and Class III) from small organizations to global companies, Adaptive’s solutions help companies like yours accelerate the rate of innovation while maintaining total quality and reducing regulatory risk.

Cost pressures, expiring patents, and the lengthy process and pressures involved in curing disease and improving the quality of life of aging populations around the world – pharmaceutical and biotech and companies are facing unbelievable challenges and the pace of those challenges is increasing. Adaptive has a deep understanding the challenges you face and has the solutions you need to accelerate the pace of discovery of new drugs and medicines.

PLM solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech can help:

  • Improve collaboration with integrated systems that provide high-quality and accessible scientific knowledge across your organization
  • Enhance decision-making through real-time views across the lifecycle of therapeutics innovation
  • Accelerate drug design and development by combining in silico and physical experiments
  • Integrate quality-by-design principles to comply with regulations
  • Reduce time-to-market and cost of market expansion by improving innovation and efficiency in discovery research

From governance to engineering, manufacturing and after sales services, our solutions enable you to address challenges and improve competitiveness.

For education and training, cyber anatomy educates people about the human body and simulating a surgery prepares students for complex surgeries.

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