03 Feb 2021

Come See Us At AmCon Orlando April 2021

Come see us at our first in-person event since COVID-19 grounded all of us!  The show has confirmed they are moving forward with this in-person exhibition.  We are excited to be in your presence at AmCon 2021 at the Orlando Convention Center on April 27-28th. AmCon is a regionally-focused Advanced Design and Manufacturing exposition for […]


10 Feb 2021

eBook: Making Part Reuse Simple with EXALEAD One Part

Most manufacturers know that reusing duplicate parts instead of redesigning them is important. Part reuse is hard to quantify, and it’s not often done. But doing so reveals just how large the opportunity cost really is—and how much every manufacturer can save. EXALEAD OnePart, from Dassault Systèmes, offers a secure, non-intrusive, and fast way to […]


09 Feb 2021

White Paper: Manage Product Development Projects Better

Is There a Better Way to Manage Product Development Projects?  The last three decades have seen an explosion in project management software tools and certifications for project management methodologies. Terms like agile, resource management, critical path analysis, risk mitigation, etc. are now commonplace throughout the corporate world. However, has all of this attention to the […]


15 Feb 2021

Video: Design and Optimize for Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing has many powerful benefits for manufacturing that can help meet customer demands faster, reduce cost of manufacturing parts, and quickly support tooling needs to keep production machines online and operational.  However, a design software tool is still needed to support getting the right design into the software to generate accurate 3D printed parts. […]


22 Feb 2021

Replay: Success In Additive Manufacturing with Humanetics

In the first webinar of our Series: Success in Additive Manufacturing we feature Humanetics, the global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of test crash dummies who successfully adopted additive manufacturing in their operations. Humanetics adopted 3D printing in the early additive manufacturing days when they were looking for alternatives to cost-effectively replace the [...]