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A Better Way to Manage Product Development Projects

A Better Way to Manage Product Development Projects

white-paper-banner-p5-socialOver the last three decades, there has been an explosion in project management software tools and certifications for project management methods. Terms like agile, resource management, critical path analysis, and risk mitigation are now common. But has this influx improved processes? The answer is no.

The newly-available white paper “Is There a Better Way to Manage Product Development Projects?” presents a series of solutions to improve product development projects including:

  • Aligning development projects with product portfolios
    • Favoring entire product line launches instead of serial product launches – thus sharing technologies
  • Coordinating a development project’s schedule and resources with its scope
    • Opting to create the scope within the project management solution instead of outside of it so that as requirements change, all teammates are kept in the loop
  • Automatic updates of project tasks from “doer” to “manager” without relying on manual reporting
  • Revealing risks based on real-time project development status

The paper goes on to fully explain how important a PLM system with embedded project management  is and the steps organizations should take to adopt a better product development project management system. Read the paper now.

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