Author: Juliann Grant

17 Dec 2021

On Demand eSeminar: Improve Performance of Rail Vehicles with Multibody System Simulation

Rail vehicles complexity is strongly related to the contact between wheel and rail. Leaders in rail vehicle industry have used SIMULIA Simpack multibody simulation software for more than 20 years for concept studies, bogie detail design, rail-wheel-contact, sub-system design and full-vehicle integration.

Simpack enables designers and engineers to model and simulate fixed wheel sets, independent wheels, cable cars, and even rollercoasters.

This On Demand eSeminar covers special modeling elements and techniques for rail track and vehicle modeling & simulation, including:

• Multibody System Simulation Overview
• Rail and Wheel Modeling
• Stress & Traction Distribution
• Rail-Wheel-Contact
• Safety & Wear Calculation

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On Demand eSeminar: Simulate Dynamic Motions of Wind Turbines

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07 Dec 2021

On Demand eSeminar: Simulate Dynamic Motions of Wind Turbines

As wind turbines increase in size, additional requirements are put on simulation software in order to be able to accurately predict loading. In addition, noise prediction is one of the primary design criteria for turbine manufacturers and component suppliers.

This webinar covers the industry trends and challenges facing the wind turbine sector along with the wide range of SIMULIA workflows for the wind turbine engineering and benefits to be gained by using SIMULIA Simpack. 

Watch this On Demand eSeminar to learn about the wide range and necessity of current multibody simulation (MBS) applications within the wind turbine sector, including:

• Industry Trends & Technical Challenges
• Why high fidelity MBS simulation is necessary
• How MBS software is being used throughout the industry
• Overview and benefits of Dassault Systèmes solutions

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04 Nov 2021

TriMech Acquires Adaptive Corporation

TriMech, a leading provider of engineering design and additive manufacturing solutions, announced it has acquired Adaptive Corporation and Forward Vision. TriMech is a portfolio company of The Halifax Group, a Washington, D.C.-based private equity investor.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, TriMech helps clients design better products via a broad suite of engineering- and manufacturing-related solutions and services. The company works with leading software and hardware partners including Dassault Systèmes, Stratasys, and Artec, among others, throughout the central and eastern United States and Canada. 

The acquisitions of Adaptive Corporation and Forward Vision expand TriMech’s Dassault Systèmes portfolio offering to include CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA. 

Marcel Matte, President and CEO of TriMech, said, “We aim to be our clients’ trusted technology partners. By bringing together great teams with new product offerings and expertise, TriMech will deliver wider solutions and deeper industry knowledge. Growth by acquisition is part of our long-term strategy to help our clients manage rapid digital transformation.”

Adaptive will continue to operate under the name Adaptive – A TriMech Company. The Forward Vision team will join Adaptive’s sales and support teams.

Senior management at Adaptive and Forward Vision will remain in place. Wayne Tanner, Adaptive’s President, will serve as General Manager of Adaptive – A TriMech Company, reporting to Ted Lee, TriMech’s Chief Services Officer. Forward Vision’s President Joe Hugan and Vice President John Moran will serve as Product Managers for TriMech’s Robotics and Discrete Event Simulation teams, continuing to support clients with their existing teams.

Adaptive’s President Wayne Tanner said, “The demand for increasingly sophisticated technology has accelerated as engineers and manufacturers introduce or improve products to meet market needs. Our combined client base will have access to more solutions that involve critical areas of their business.”

Read the full press release here

28 Oct 2021

3DEXPERIENCE Launcher Certificate Expiring

Important Information for 3DEXPERIENCE On-Premises Customers

For all on-premises customers, the 3DEXPERIENCE Launcher includes an embedded certificate. This certificate is expiring on November 28, 2021 for the 3DEXPERIENCE Launcher version 21.16.778 (or lower versions). To avoid a potential interruption of service with the Platform, please read this article to assure continuation of service

NOTE: Customers using the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud are NOT impacted by this certificate expiration issue.

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE Launcher?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Launcher is a utility that runs on the client machines, specifically client machines that use native applications, like CATIA or an integration, like to Microsoft Office or CATIA V5 or SOLIDWORKS that enables launching those applications directly from the web browser.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Launcher has an embedded certificate and that certificate is expiring November 28, 2021. After this date, the launcher will no longer function properly, in fact the call to launch the client software will fail due to an expired certificate.

To avoid an interruption in service the launcher can be upgraded but will need to be upgraded on every client machine in the deployment. The details of downloading and updating the launcher are detailed in the following FAQ QA00000065062.

For more information on updating the launcher software feel free to contact Adaptive Support.

29 Oct 2021

Industry Report: Business Transformation and Sustainability Strategies 2021

The Crisis Is Passing, But Business Risk And Disruption Persist

In this new report by Tech Clarity sponsored by Dassault Systémes, it was no surprise that COVID-19 continues to have businesses reacting to change, along with contingency planning for more unpredictable events.  Jim Brown shares data from an updated survey taken this year identifying key changes in perception around business risk and sustainability.

In 2019, they published the Executive Strategies for Long-Term Business Success study and found that business risk and disruption had increased for about three-quarters of survey participants over the prior five years. Clearly, business risk and disruption are not new.

In 2020, their Business Sustainability (and Survival) Strategies 20202 research found that the COVID-19 disruption led many organizations to go into survival mode. The impact of the pandemic was unpredictable and had a more prolonged impact than other recent disruptions including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, hurricanes, and human-created events like terrorism and armed conflict. Although they remained committed to important strategic initiatives like digital transformation and innovation, they lost focus on other essential pillars of long-term business sustainability.

Some interesting findings include:

As for future long term sustainability, the data showed innovation and agility at the top of concerns:


Download the full report to learn more about what other businesses ranked for priorities around business risk and long terms sustainability.

26 Oct 2021

On Demand Webinar: Evaluate Performance of Electric Drive Trains with Multibody System Simulation

Developers of drivetrains and electric drives face several challenges including the need to improve noise and vibration performance, increase power, eliminate emissions, reduce weight and improve durability.

SIMULIA Simpack multibody simulation is the tool of choice for modeling the vibrational and acoustic behavior of drive chains for electric drive, taking into account gear meshing and the flow through gear wheel bodies, shafts, and bearings before the gearbox housing.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how simulation can reduce development time and cost, cut risk and improve the drive experience.

Presentation topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Multibody System Simulation
  • Drivetrain Challenges
  • Drivetrain Analysis Methods
  • Noise & Vibration Workflow

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21 Oct 2021

CREAFORM Expands the R-Series For Advanced Quality Control Solutions

Creaform recently announced its latest additions to its R-Series lineup, including a new MetraSCAN-R BLACK | Elite HD with improved performance as well as a new edition of VXelements designed for long-term support (LTS). This state-of-the-art set of solutions also includes a new version of VXscan-R module specially made to accommodate custom automated 3D scanning cell layouts, while keeping the ease of use of its digital twin programming software.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Speed and repeatability: MetraSCAN-R BLACK Ι Elite HD offers an optimized field of view for increased performance levels during challenging applications, such as 3D measurements on sheet metal parts.
  • Ideal for the automotive market: With its 69 laser lines and 3,000,000 measurements/s, this specialized 3D scanner is perfect for parts with many edges, trims, and boundaries.
  • Personalized solution: The intuitive VXscan-R software module makes it possible to include the custom features of your 3D scanning CMM (enclosure, robot base, turntable, etc.) for fast and easy programming.
  • Long-term support: Exclusive to the R-series products, the new VXelements LTS version extends the period of software maintenance while also increasing software robustness and dependability by limiting the number of new feature releases.
  • Operational simplicity: With its compatibility with major 3D metrology software, off-line programming, and seamless integration within any production workflow, the R-Series is accessible to all, regardless of the expertise or experience level.


“In the quest to gain efficiency, manufacturers require QC solutions that can adapt to their workflow and environment, while being easy to use. For better decision-making to get better quality parts, they also need fast and precise data,” explains Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager at Creaform. “With these latest innovations, there has never been a better time to easily move to automation.”

Contact our Metrology Team to learn more about the new Metrascan Black |Elite HD.