Michelle Anderson, Author at Adaptive Corp

Author: Michelle Anderson

21 Dec 2017

Markforged’s Guide to 3D Printing on the Production Line

Markforged has released a new Guide to 3D printing on the production line. 

3D Printing on the Production LineMany manufacturers have realized significant cost savings and productivity improvements by integrating high strength additive manufacturing (AM) technology into their business, especially in support of their maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) strategy. For many more, identifying where additive will be most impactful to their business can be a daunting task, and increasingly one that corporate leadership has directed plants to investigate. This white paper provides structure and clarity to that ask by demonstrating strategies and applications for integrating high strength AM opportunities on the manufacturing floor.

Download the white paper.

14 Oct 2017

Use Simulation to Power Innovation in Life Sciences

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Surgical intervention, including the use of balloon angioplasty and stent insertion, remains a life-saver for many patients. Stent designers and manufacturers are continually searching for the most efficient way to produce their product to the highest standards of quality.

By refining designs early in the conceptual process, computer simulation is helping leading medical device companies understand the in-vivo performance and surgical delivery of coronary stents to further optimize device behavior for better patient outcomes.

View the benefits of realistic simulation in the infographic.


22 Sep 2017
Additive Manufacturing Lunch & Learn

Additive Manufacturing Lunch & Learn

Join us at our luncheon November 7th in Perrysburg, OH.

Additive Manufacturing Lunch & LearnAttend this event and stay up-to-date on new technologies that can reduce your manufacturing and QA bottlenecks.

The Lunch and Learn will feature:

  • Portable metrology solutions for inspection
  • Handheld 3D scanners for reverse engineering
  • The Markforged Industrial Series and Metal 3D printers for tooling and prototyping

If your CMM is becoming a bottleneck in your organization due to speed and throughput, come to our workshop and learn about alternative inspections solutions to improve your throughput.


20 Sep 2017
Aerospace Supplier Compliance

Aerospace Supplier Compliance Workshop

Join us at Adaptive’s Aerospace Compliance Workshop in Anaheim, CA Oct. 10.

Aerospace Supplier Compliance WorkshopBe sure to register for this workshop on leveraging model-based definition to meet aerospace OEM requirements.

Features of the workshop include:

  • A demonstration on 3D scanning and portable metrology solutions by both Adaptive and Creaform
  • An introduction to InspectionXpert and New Inspect for Balloon Reporting to meet AS9102 or FAI reporting
  • See Polyworks for scanning, alignment, and 3D reporting for exact measurements and faster inspections

Presenters include Frank Thomas, Chris Burke, and Larry Kuehn from Adaptive Corporation; Payam Harir and Jarrod Schmidt from Creaform; Leo Park from 3D InfoTech, and Randy Becker.

You’ll also have the chance to attend breakout sessions with the presenters. This will be your time to ask application-specific questions and get parts scanned and copied to ESB devices.