10 Feb 2021

eBook: Making Part Reuse Simple with EXALEAD OnePart

Most manufacturers know that reusing duplicate parts instead of redesigning them is important. Part reuse is hard to quantify, and it’s not often done. But doing so reveals just how large the opportunity cost really is—and how much every manufacturer can save.

EXALEAD OnePart, from Dassault Systèmes, offers a secure, non-intrusive, and fast way to collect part data from nearly every enterprise system in your organization. That part information can then be searched and analyzed in order to deduplicate or standardize common parts. Master or preferred parts can also be flagged for future use.

Given that engineers spend up to 45% of their time searching for or recreating parts that already exist, manufacturers have to ask themselves how much time is really spent on new-product innovation? And how can they free up more time across the enterprise to focus on innovation, faster time to market, and reduced production costs?

This eBook gives you the basics of the many ways OnePart can help you improve your bottom line.  It covers:

  • The Opportunity for Reusing Parts
  • Part Reuse Challenges
  • Why Exalead
    • OnePart Functionality: Reveal
    • OnePart Functionality: Reuse
    • OnePart Functionality: Reduce

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22 Dec 2020

Future of Additive Series: Design for Additive Live Stream Replay

In our last broadcast for “The Future of Additive” Series held at Youngstown Business Incubator’s (YBI) 3D Printing lab, we had special agenda that addressed key solutions around Designing for Additive applications.  This presentation included:

Sign up to watch the Live Stream replay here:

There are 2 more events planned in the series, sign up now to watch those events broadcast live from YBI:

January 14th, 2021, 1:00 pm EST

February 18th, 2021, 1;00 pm EST

29 Oct 2020

Video: Optimize Reverse Engineering with 3DEXPERIENCE

Drive Innovation Cycles with Reverse Engineering end to end using PLM software with 3D Printing and 3D Scanning tools

Frank Thomas and Florian Bardet presented at COExperience 2020 showcasing how to Optimize Reverse Engineering with 3DEXPERIENCE.  This presentation shows how a team manages a reverse engineering project from end to end using a variety of tools:

  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform will be the software used to govern the project, re-engineer the part, and validate it with simulation. 
    • CATIA
    • ENOVIA
  • Creaform HandySCAN BLACK 3D Scanner will be used to digitize the part at the beginning of the process to enable the team to reverse engineer the part.
  • Markforged Metal X 3D Printer is used at the end to 3D print the re-engineered part.

Watch the video:

Learn more about Reverse Engineering:

Reverse Engineering

The Future of Additive is NOW


30 Nov 2020

Video: 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA on the Cloud

Explore the Core Capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA on the Cloud

Bart Schenck, Adaptive’s CATIA expert and Application Engineer, demonstrates the core tools available within CATIA Engineering on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

This video demonstrates:

  • CATIA’s state of the art modeling functions
  • Intuitive workflow and unified user experience; are all standard components of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA.  
  • PLM Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Design Tasks
  • BOM Management

Watch the video:

Learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud:

4 Reasons to Choose 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud

White Paper: 5 Levels of Security in 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud

29 Oct 2020

Webinar: How To Simulate Electromagnetic Performance in Connected Devices

Adaptive partnered with Dassault Systémes to present this webinar with Digital Engineering Oct. 27th, 2020: 

Learn How To Simulate Electromagnetic Performance in Connected Devices

Discover the key to designing electromagnetic products such as Antennas, Sensors, and Handheld Wireless devices using virtual prototyping.

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can use 3DEXPERIENCE as part of your product design validation & verification strategy to meet your requirements and stay within budget:

·    Accelerate structural performance validation for quality assurance;

·    Optimize the product’s thermal performance in electronic systems;

·    Involve multi-disciplinary design teams for trade-off analysis.

Click below to watch the Replay:

To learn more information about CST or our Multiphysics Portfolio:

CST Studio Suite

Multiphysics Portfolio

Making Difficult PCB Design Decisions Webinar On Demand

28 Oct 2020

CATIA v5 NC Programming Course Available

Adaptive is now offering a course in CATIA v5 NC Programming.  In this course, you will learn the different methods of capturing, storing and reusing NC programming knowledge.

Attendees will learn:

    • Create Machining Process
    • Organize Processes in Catalogs
    • Create Machining Templates
    • Publish NC geometry for use in part families
    • Add and use Knowledgeware checks
    • Create and use KWA Parameter for NC

Participant Background:

    • Experiences V5 NC Programmers


    • CATIA V5 Fundamentals
    • CATIA V5 NC Fundamentals
    • CATIA V5 PMG, SMG or AMG (equivalent) license
    • Hands-on V5 NC Programming Experience

Schedule & Resources:

    • 12-hours virtual class taught in either two 6-hour or three 4-hours sessions
    • Virtual GoToMeeting will allow instructors and students to screen share
    • Course manual (PDF), CATIA files, and CATSettings provided
    • Files include Tool Catalogs for class

Click LEARN MORE below to see a Video Demo: Preparing your data migration from CATIA V5 Machining to 3DEXPERIENCE, as well as other supporting materials for this class.

Download the Class Syllabus here

Contact Kurt Jauert for more information.
15 Oct 2020

eBook: 4 Reasons to Choose 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud

If you have been considering moving to 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud, you may be interested in downloading our latest eBook: 4 Reasons to Choose 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud.

One of the considerations manufacturers must make when choosing to move to a PLM platform is whether to install the software on-premises – potentially incurring additional costs for hardware and IT time – or whether to make use of a cloud-based solution. This eBook covers the benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform and how it can help improve product development processes.

Learn how Cloud solutions lower Total Cost of Ownership from things like incurring IT consultants costs for installation, requiring additional servers or software maintenance costs. Get a quicker Return on Investment with Cloud solutions by accessing enhanced collaboration capabilities from centralized cloud access, onboard more employees faster, and ensure everyone is working from the same product data no matter where they are located.   

Download eBook: 4 Reasons to Choose 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud:

Other links that may be of interest:

VIDEO: CATIA Engineering on the Cloud
3DEXPERIENCE 2021x Presentation Exploring Core CATIA Capabilities

or get more Cloud info here:

  • Webinar on-demand: 5 Way to Ensure Business Continuity with CATIA v5
  • Demo: CATIA Cloud on 3DEXPERIENCE 2021x
  • 5 Levels of Cloud Security – White Paper
  • CIMdata: Making the Connection: The Path to Cloud PLM
  • Demo Video: CATIA Engineering on the Cloud (same as above)