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03 Sep 2019
GoSCAN Spark

New Go!SCAN SPARK Demonstration Videos

Curious about the new CREAFORM Go!SCAN SPARK? Watch Adaptive’s own Frank Thomas as he demonstrates the capabilities of this portable, handheld 3D scanner.

The Go!SCAN SPARK is ideal for applications in automotive seating, aerospace interiors, and retail apparel like tennis shoes and sportswear.  

Go!SCAN SPARK features four inline cameras for faster 3D scanning, and acquires both 3D color and texture in material. It features an ergonomic design that allows for different types of hand positions.  It also outputs two types of files (.STL and .MOV) that are compatible with most 3D printers.

In this first video, Frank shows how quickly you can scan a sneaker and merge two images together.

In this video, Frank takes a classic laundry detergent bottle to illustrate how the scanner handles products with curves, labels, shiny surfaces.

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16 Jan 2019
COE 2019

Adaptive to Present at COExperience 2019

Join us at COE 2019
February 24-27
New Orleans Marriott

Join Adaptive at this three day event that brings together expert users of Dassault Systèmes solutions. In addition to the keynote presentations be sure to attend presentations by Adaptive’s own Jon Gable and Frank Thomas. These include:

Create an Achievable Roadmap for Implementing 3DEXPERIENCE

Presented by Jon Gable, Director of Sales, Adaptive and Uwe Rieger, Global Manager, PLM & CAD, nVENT

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE solution can touch most aspects of a company’s processes to conceive, develop, deliver, and service a product.  Yet, the people most often tasked to investigate 3DEXPERIENCE often come from the product design function.  This presents a challenge for how to make others in the company recognize the benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE beyond traditional PDM solutions.  Attendees to this session will learn:

How to get cross-functional buy-in for your 3DEXPERIENCE project

How to create a 3-5 year roadmap for success

How to achieve your first success to build momentum

Simulation of Autonomous Vehicles

Presented by Frank Thomas, Metrology and Additive Manufacturing Solution Specialist, Adaptive

In-Process inspection is a time and resource consuming process. By incorporating Adaptive’s “Universal Metrology Platform,” customers can select a wide range of 3D scanning solutions for fast real-time in-process inspection of production parts. Attendees to this session will learn:

What is the Universal Metrology Automation (UMA) Platform?

What types of Robots does UMA support?

What do we mean by “real-time” inspection?

Is there any SPC data collected?

How do I compare the physical part to the CAD data nominal with tight tolerances?

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09 Apr 2018

Tech Brief: Introducing POWER’BY: Concurrent Engineering in 3DEXPERIENCE

How Product Designers Can Implement Concurrent Engineering with Traditional CADx Tools

UPDATE: Power’By is now called PLM Collaboration Services.

A new tech brief written by Jon Gable, Sales Director for Adaptive Corporation explains how the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE R2018x release allows organizations to implement concurrent engineering processes, that is, simultaneously working with other engineering and manufacturing functions.

… for most of the past 30 years, true concurrency was always limited to a certain extent due to how disparate file formats were used to capture and store data from the various engineering disciplines. Each of these different file formats necessitated some sort of translation to be effectively used by the various engineering functions, which hinders efficiency and timeliness…

Until recently, the 3DEXPERIENCE vision for concurrent engineering
was only possible if a lengthy migration of the CAD tool to CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE
was pursued. However, starting with the 3DEXPERIENCE R2018x release series, this
will no longer be the case.

This tech brief will explain how 3DEXPERIENCE POWER’BY is changing the CADx paradigm and offering a new way to work concurrently with engineering tools such as CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, Ansys, Part Planner, Mastercam, etc.



Download today:  Introducing POWER’BY: Concurrent Engineering on 3DEXPERIENCE