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18 Aug 2017

Daimler to use 3D Metal Replacement Parts

The uses of 3D Printing continues to grow, especially as more durable materials are becoming available on 3D Printers at a reasonable price point.  Metal printers, in fact, are becoming more affordable. We are excited about Markforged’s Metal X 3D printer which will be available sometime in September/October 2017 which will have a price point of under $100k.  If you need metal parts, that is something to consider!

I came across this article noting Daimler is starting to use 3D metal replacement parts for their Mercedes commercial trucks:

Daimler has been 3D printing plastic spare parts for older commercial trucks for about a year, and now it’s moving on to metal parts. The company recently 3D printed its first metal replacement part, a thermostat cover for older Mercedes trucks and Unimog utility vehicles. Daimler believes 3D printing could be a cost-effective way to keep spare parts available indefinitely.

Like other 3D-printed objects, the thermostat covers are made by adding material in layers until the proper shape is achieved. In this case, the material is an aluminum-silicon powder, which is melted using lasers.

Daimler claims the 3D-printed parts are just as strong as the die-cast aluminum versions installed on the trucks when they were new. The company also claims 3D printing is more cost effective than tooling up for a production run using conventional methods. That makes it perfect for producing spare parts, which are usually only ordered in small batches. It also means Daimler can make parts on demand, instead of warehousing large stockpiles.

Small batches is the key when it comes to 3D printing. It’s not meant to be a production-line ready, and pump out hundreds of parts per hour.  It solvs specific problems where a quick fix is needed to keep things working.  I think we will continue to see more examples of Additive Manufacturing in production environments as we move into 2018.

Download information about the Markforged Metal X here.

Let us know how we can help you.  We can share what we have learned in talking with our other customers.


19 Jul 2017

Additive Manufacturing eSeminar July 20

Print to Perform: An AM Solution for Part Distortions and Residual Stresses

The additive manufacturing industry continues to grow as machine-builders provide newer machines, faster processes and a diverse portfolio of materials. For companies to innovate while justifying their investments, adopting a digital thread that connects design and manufacturing is critical for taking concepts to production. Join additive manufacturing experts in their demonstration of the latest simulation-based AM application.


  • Guided assistant to seamlessly incorporate all AM processes like build preparation, support structure, slicing and scanning
  • Achieve predictable and reliable builds
  • Predict part distortions, residual stresses and microstructures
  • Ensure manufactured parts are within allowable using shape morphing

Who should attend?

This eSeminar is a must attend for AM subject-matter experts, manufacturing engineers, production managers, simulation analysts and CAE Managers.

Speaker: Vishal Savane, Technical Solutions Consultant, AM

Vishal Savane is a Technical Solutions Consultant on the SIMULIA strategic initiative team and mainly focuses on Additive Manufacturing simulations. As part of this group, he works on validation studies and engages with customers and partners for technical enablement. He has 5 years of experience in engineering solutions in simulations as well as in investment and die casting industry. He started working in SIMULIA in 2014 on process automation and optimization. Vishal holds a M. Tech. from SGGS, Nanded and a bachelor’s degree from KIT, Kolhapur.

13 Jul 2017

Additive Manufacturing In-Person Seminars Coming Up Soon

Sign up today for one of our in-person Additive Manufacturing Seminars located in:

  • Los Angeles, CA – August 15

  • Cleveland, OH – August 23

  • Chicago, IL – September 20


The half day workshop will feature:

  • New Design Optimization & Process Simulation solutions for Additive Manufacturing by Dassault Systèmes
  • Composite and Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions by Markforged
  • Portable Metrology Solutions for Inspection – to augment CMM-based inspection

Additive Manufacturing Seminar

At the workshop, we will demonstrate the new solutions from Dassault Systèmes for Additive Manufacturing on the 3DExperience Platform.  Use one platform to optimize part design and simulate manufacturing processes for both metal and plastics, and leverage these techniques to improve the development process for your Additive Manufacturing components.

We will be demonstrating products from Markforged to 3D Print Carbon Fiber composite parts, and now a new Metal Printer!

If your CMM is becoming a bottleneck in your organization due to speed and throughput, join us to learn about alternative inspection solutions that can improve throughput.

View the agenda then register to attend at one of the locations.


05 Jul 2017

Additive Manufacturing Webinar: Process Simulation

July 19 – Register Now

As Additive Manufacturing moves from producing non-structural, mostly visualization parts to producing functional parts for prototypes and production, understanding their material properties and the effects the manufacturing process has on these properties is critical.

Learn how SIMULIA is developing an Additive Manufacturing platform to simulate manufacturing processes for both metal and plastics, and leveraging these techniques to improve the development process for Additive Manufacturing components.

After you register for this webinar – Learn more about our in-person seminars coming up in:

  • Los Angeles, CA – August 15th, 2017
  • Cleveland, OH – August 23rd, 2017
  • Chicago, IL – September 20th, 2017

Learn more.

25 May 2017
Markforged 3D Printer

Markforged Wins Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year

Congratulations to our partners at Markforged for being named the Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year by the 3D Printing Industry.

Markforged 3D PrinterAdaptive is proud to be partnered with Markforged as their VAR and feature their award-winning 3D printers.

3D Printing Industry received more than 4,000 nominations for the awards with Markforged coming out on top for Enterprise Printer of the Year.

“At Markforged, our core mission remains to provide significant bottom-line results for our customers through strong parts that withstand challenging environments and to ultimately provide bottom-line results for our customers. In just one year, our Mark Two has become the de facto workhorse printer for professionals who want to quickly, cost-effectively print tools and functional parts,” said Greg Mark, CEO, Markforged. “It’s an honor to be recognized by the 3D printing community.”

Read the full release here.

The Markforged line offers the only 3D printers that embed continuous fiber into printed carbon and nylon for an end-use composite part with the strength of metal. Adaptive offers entry-level desktop printers and industrial-size 3D printers.

Create strong, production-ready parts right off the printer and get products to market faster with 3D printing capabilities.

In addition to offering the printers themselves, Adaptive also offers advanced 3D printing services that are precision built to your specifications to support reverse engineering, prototyping, and on-the-fly replacement parts applications. Learn more about our Markforged 3D printers and our services.