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07 Aug 2018

Spend Two Days with SIMULIA Technical Experts and Users

Join Adaptive at the SIMULIA Great Lakes Regional User Meeting (RUM)

Date: October 10-11, 2018
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m EST
Location: Conference and Event Center (CEC) – Dearborn, Michigan

Join SIMULIA users from the Transportation and Mobility industries to learn about new simulation technologies. Attend this free technology meeting to interact with SIMULIA experts and network with other users in your area.


Wednesday, October 10

Morning Track

  • Plenary Session featuring Customer Keynote and SIMULIA General Lectures

Afternoon Track

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Materials & Multiscale Technology
  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform and SIMULIA portfolio solutions

Thursday, October 11

All Day Tracks

  • Durability Solutions
  • Process Automation & Optimization
  • Electromagnetics: CST Automotive Symposium
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Additive and Advanced Manufacturing (AAM) Symposium

Morning Track: Multibody Dynamics
Afternoon Track: Noise and Vibration

22 May 2018
Digital Twin Workflows Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay: Digital Twin Workflows for Elastomer Durability

What is a Digital Twin and how can you implement a digital twin workflow as part of your elastomeric production processes?

You can find out by watching the webinar replay: Digital Twin Workflows for Elastomer Durability.

Recorded April 26, 2018

Dr. Will Mars Ph.D., Co-founder, and President of Endurica discusses new simulation applications for enabling multi-step fatigue analysis workflows for industrial equipment, transportation, and military uses.


Mike Koepp, Senior Simulation Consultant discusses how Endurica products can be used to address challenges in tire design and analysis automation.

Click Here to View Webinar Replay.




10 May 2018

Join Adaptive at CAASE18 (The Conference of Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering 2018)

June 5 – June 7, 2018, Cleveland, Ohio

Booth #20

Join Adaptive Corporation at the CAASE18 Event sponsored by NAFEMS and Digital Engineering. Visit Adaptive at Booth #20 to learn more about the latest innovations and technologies from Dassault Systèmes and other Adaptive partners. Also, make a note to attend the three technical presentations being given by Adaptive simulation experts.


Wednesday, June 6, Room 24, 4:05 PM

One Ring to Rule Them All: Managing Simulation Projects across Multiple Tools and Software into One Efficient Solution (Maria Sullivan, Adaptive Corporation)

Abstract: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) world is barging into the life of simulation engineers and analysts promising higher efficiency. Countless software files and results, various tools leveraged for one project, sharing data among team members and data hand‐off among disciplines. How can PLM be leveraged to manage it effectively and efficiently? What is it really all about? The answer is different for each and every company. Rarely does one size fit all when it comes to selecting and managing simulation processes, tools, data, and results.

Thursday, June 7, Room 26B, 1:00 PM

Dynamic Load Calculation and Correlation of Aluminum Truck Body for Knapheide Mfg Co. (Cynde Murphy, Adaptive Corporation)

Abstract: Analytical simulation is a powerful tool that can allow for understanding the dynamic behavior and fatigue life of any structure. However, one of the most challenging tasks involved in developing a simulation is developing accurate and realistic load cases that replicate field strains in the structure. Once a representative finite element model (FEM) of a structure is created, challenges arise when understanding and applying dynamic loads to the FEM so that correlation and validation with physical testing are accurate. One step further in complexity is being able to calculate dynamic stress profiles for the entire structure, and use those results for further investigation such as fatigue estimates.

Thursday, June 7, Room 26C, 3:05 PM

Emerging Vehicle-Terrain Interaction Modeling & Simulation Techniques for High Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics (Darren Simoni, Adaptive Corporation)

Problem Statement: Vehicle dynamics simulations are heavily relied upon in commercial and military automotive industries for design assessment and predictions of performance, including mobility capabilities. Vehicle terrain interaction has challenged vehicle dynamics modeling and simulation tools and users since the adoption of simulation. Generating results on terrains which are comprised of soft, loose, or compacting soils have long been categorized as impossible. Due to these limitations, vehicle dynamics simulations of all vehicle types, including off‐road vehicles are limited on pavement or hard packed type surfaces.

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09 Apr 2018

Join Adaptive Corporation at NAFEMS CAASE18

Adaptive Corporation is an Event Sponsor for NAFEMS CAASE18 (The Conference of Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering 2018) being held June 5 – June 7th at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Visit Adaptive at Booth #20

See the latest innovations in FE Analysis and Simulation technology.

This year, three Adaptive experts will participate in the educational program around Simulation applications and a case study showcasing Dynamic Load Calculations.  Make sure to mark your calendars to see their presentations:

June 6th @ 4:05 PM, Room 24

Maria Sullivan will present:

One Ring to Rule Them All: Managing Simulation Projects across Multiple Tools and Software into One Efficient Solution.

June 7th @ 1:00 PM, Room 26B

Cynde Murphy will present:

Dynamic Load Calculation and Correlation of Aluminum Truck Body for Knapheide Mfg Co.

June 7th @ 3:05, Room 26C

Darren Simoni will present:

Emerging Vehicle-Terrain Interaction Modeling & Simulation Techniques for High Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics.

Find out more and register today. 

02 Apr 2018

Webinar: Digital Twin Workflows for Elastomer Durability 

April 26th, 12:00 Noon, EST.

The Adaptive Corporation and Endurica are hosting a discussion of recent Endurica developments.

The Digital Twin add-on enables incremental/multi-step fatigue analysis workflows, as well as the calculation of remaining life.

There will be a conceptual introduction to an analysis of multistep duty cycles, as well as practical applications including:

  • Offshore Flexjoint
  • Transmission Mount
  • Tire Under FMVSS Durability Test Conditions


willmars2.jpgWill Mars, Ph.D.

Founder and President, Endurica

Dr. Will Mars is an international leader in the failure mechanics of rubber. He has received several awards for his scientific contributions and innovations, including the 2017 Rubber Division ACS Arnold Smith Special Service Award, the 2007 Sparks Thomas award of ACS Rubber Division, and the 1999 Henry Fuchs award of the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation committee.


Tire and sciece workshop (2).jpg

Mike Koepp

Senior Simulation Consultant, Adaptive Corporation

Mike Koepp is a senior simulation consultant at Adaptive Corporation. Since joining Leading Edge Engineering (now the Simulation group at Adaptive) in 2007, Mike has worked as an application engineer, assisting customers across a wide range of industries in design and analysis projects, including advanced nonlinear FEA, durability, analytical variation analysis, optimization, and process automation. Mike is also a certified technical support engineer aiding end-users of Adaptive’s value-added resale software offerings.


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