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Portable CMM Quality Workshop August 5th

Portable CMM Quality Workshop August 5th

Creaform Logo WhiteVerisurf Logo_150x57Adaptive, Creaform and Verisurf to host Metrology Workshop in Anaheim, California.

This workshop will feature use of portable CMM technology to compliment traditional CMM’s.

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What is “portable CMM technology” you ask ??

Portable CMM technology comes in a variety of forms.  These forms include:

  • Optical Trackers
  • Articulated Arms
  • Laser Trackers

Creaform is an industry leader in the area of Optical Trackers.  Creaform and Verisurf are ideally suited to allow you to move test and measurement on to the shop-floor, and expand in-process validation and eliminate bottlenecks in Quality Assurance (QA).  Bottlenecks in QA occur due to throughput/capacity restrictions.  Employing Creaform and Verisurf allows you to address the following business requirements –

  • Finding and identifying surface geometry changes in stamping tools over time.
  • Measurement results being called into question.
  • Difficulty comparing cast/stamping tool geometry with CAD.
  • Difficulty responding & diagnosing production problems with minimum delays.

Creaform products include the HandyPROBE and the MetraSCAN.  The HandyPROBE is for high accuracy portable measurement.  The MetraSCAN is for 3D scanning.

Learn more about the HandyPROBE

Learn more about the MetraSCAN

The HandyPROBE features the TRUaccuracy technology with dynamic referencing,  This makes the HandyPROBE PCMM is particularly efficient when used directly on the shop floor, as measurement accuracy is completely insensitive to vibrations or other changes in the environment.

Compared to other existing coordinate measurement technologies such as measuring arms and CMMs, the HandyPROBE arm-free probing system gives you total freedom of movement, allowing for significant increase in productivity and quality of work.

Frank Thomas is President of Adaptive Corporation, Inc.