Tech Brief: Introducing POWER’BY: Concurrent Engineering in 3DEXPERIENCE

Tech Brief: Introducing POWER’BY: Concurrent Engineering in 3DEXPERIENCE

How Product Designers Can Implement Concurrent Engineering with Traditional CADx Tools

UPDATE: Power’By is now called PLM Collaboration Services.

A new tech brief written by Jon Gable, Sales Director for Adaptive Corporation explains how the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE R2018x release allows organizations to implement concurrent engineering processes, that is, simultaneously working with other engineering and manufacturing functions.

… for most of the past 30 years, true concurrency was always limited to a certain extent due to how disparate file formats were used to capture and store data from the various engineering disciplines. Each of these different file formats necessitated some sort of translation to be effectively used by the various engineering functions, which hinders efficiency and timeliness…

Until recently, the 3DEXPERIENCE vision for concurrent engineering
was only possible if a lengthy migration of the CAD tool to CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE
was pursued. However, starting with the 3DEXPERIENCE R2018x release series, this
will no longer be the case.

This tech brief will explain how 3DEXPERIENCE POWER’BY is changing the CADx paradigm and offering a new way to work concurrently with engineering tools such as CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, Ansys, Part Planner, Mastercam, etc.



Download today:  Introducing POWER’BY: Concurrent Engineering on 3DEXPERIENCE