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Determining a PLM Roadmap: White Paper Download

Determining a PLM Roadmap: White Paper Download

So much of what Adaptive does with its customers these days is consulting to help them determine an appropriate PLM roadmap for achieving their product development goals. Basing Adaptive’s solution offering on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps us work with our customers to determine a roadmap approach that positively influences most of the product development process in a phased approach. Adaptive recently published a white paper titled “Defining a Technology Strategy to Support Product Development” that summarizes all of the considerations a company should make when setting out on their PLM journey.

The paper defines a typical product development process with all of its stakeholders inside and outside of engineering. In the past, many companies addressed the complexity of product development by implementing disparate software tools and systems to address the needs of different users and sub-processes. It has also been common to try and position ERP functionality for engineers or add engineering-centric workflows to content management solutions like SharePoint. This often led to some improvements, but not the full potential of having a coherent strategy with a solution like the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

For companies that are just embarking on their PLM journey this paper is a great source of information to help formulate and prioritize a strategy. This paper first defines the commodity technologies that all enterprise software solutions provide. It is important to not get tricked into believing that these technologies are the “end state” of the PLM journey. In fact, they are just the price of entry. What is important is to focus on the differentiating aspects of the latest PLM solutions. Some of these differentiators that the paper explains in detail are:

  • a unified change management process
  • embedded project management methodologies
  • advanced security approaches
  • ideation and customer needs management
  • mechatronic design management supported by systems engineering and functional simulation
  • managing design intent for manufacture and after-market service

To learn more, I encourage you to download the paper. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know.

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