eBook: 4 Reasons why ENOVIA is Right for Document Management

eBook: 4 Reasons why ENOVIA is Right for Document Management

Manufacturers have many options for managing documents within their organizations, options that range from the simple to the complex. At the most fundamental level, Microsoft Windows Explorer allows everyone to organize files in a folder structure. But when an organization has more complicated needs – and most do – there are a variety of potential tools to use. Which one you choose will depend on your needs, as well as what enterprise software might already be implemented.

Manufacturers are most likely dealing with not just Microsoft Office documents, but also engineering files. In addition, they typically have complex project management processes and information sharing or collaboration needs. Given those facts, making use of the document/content management capabilities that are integrated with a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform can often be the best option.

This ebook provides an overview of how ENOVIA, part of Dassault Systèmes industry-leading 3DEXPERIENCE PLM platform, provides comprehensive and robust functionality to suit any manufacturer’s content management needs.

eBook Table of Contents

Why Enterprise Document ManagementPage 3
Platform Capabilities ComparisonPage 4
4 Reasons Why To Consider ENOVIAPage 5
File Storage/Vaulting NeedsPage 6
Process/Workflow NeedsPage 9
Document Control NeedsPage 11
Advanced/IT NeedsPage 13
Key TakeawaysPage 15