eBook: Making Part Reuse Simple with EXALEAD OnePart

eBook: Making Part Reuse Simple with EXALEAD OnePart

Most manufacturers know that reusing duplicate parts instead of redesigning them is important. Part reuse is hard to quantify, and it’s not often done. But doing so reveals just how large the opportunity cost really is—and how much every manufacturer can save.

EXALEAD OnePart, from Dassault Systèmes, offers a secure, non-intrusive, and fast way to collect part data from nearly every enterprise system in your organization. That part information can then be searched and analyzed in order to deduplicate or standardize common parts. Master or preferred parts can also be flagged for future use.

Given that engineers spend up to 45% of their time searching for or recreating parts that already exist, manufacturers have to ask themselves how much time is really spent on new-product innovation? And how can they free up more time across the enterprise to focus on innovation, faster time to market, and reduced production costs?

This eBook gives you the basics of the many ways OnePart can help you improve your bottom line.  It covers:

  • The Opportunity for Reusing Parts
  • Part Reuse Challenges
  • Why Exalead
    • OnePart Functionality: Reveal
    • OnePart Functionality: Reuse
    • OnePart Functionality: Reduce

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