How to Access your Free 3D XML Viewer

How to Access your Free 3D XML Viewer

Get more value from the solutions you own with Dassault Systèmes 3DXML capability. You can easily share CATIA information with extended team members, external suppliers, or anyone who does not know CATIA. This capability is free with CATIA V5, and the Viewer is also free. Watch to learn more…

Brian OlsenOur Presenter

This Adaptive Tech Tip is presented by Brian Olson @BEOlsen538.

The Adaptive Tech Tips video series is designed to help you discover the many features of CATIA that can save you time and effort in your project collaboration efforts. Be sure to check back often to see the latest Tech Tips.

Video Transcription

Good afternoon everyone. Today we’re talking about 3D XML Viewers from Dassault. I’ve gone to the website and I’m searching for 3D XML Viewer. This viewer is a free downloadable viewer for your customers to open up 3D models you can send them as XML Excel files. Once you’re in the 3D site we can download the installer along with documentation if necessary.

In CATIA I’ve opened up a vice assembly, which I’m going to perform a “save as” operation. I select the 3D XML extension and performe a save. Once saved, this becomes a very light file that I can open up into the 3DS viewer. The file will look as normal in the sense of its tiered structure.

Across the top we have a variety of tools: fit all in, panning, zooming, etc. along with different presentation modes -for background, for the file itself whether it’s the material mode or actually our various perspectives.

To go along with their perspectives there’s also a movie that will automatically rotate the part through various angles for your presentation.

Also on the right hand side we have a compass that can be used to move the part around. And of course our mouse buttons operate as normal.

We can also perform a right click and hide show operation to break the part down into its individual components.

So what we’ve seen today is that there is a 3D XML viewer that is a free download from Dassault and combine that saving files as 3D XML Excel extensions that we can easily email assemblies and parts to our customers so that they can easily view with zero cost.