Industry Report: Business Transformation and Sustainability Strategies 2021

Industry Report: Business Transformation and Sustainability Strategies 2021

The Crisis Is Passing, But Business Risk And Disruption Persist

In this new report by Tech Clarity sponsored by Dassault Systémes, it was no surprise that COVID-19 continues to have businesses reacting to change, along with contingency planning for more unpredictable events.  Jim Brown shares data from an updated survey taken this year identifying key changes in perception around business risk and sustainability.

In 2019, they published the Executive Strategies for Long-Term Business Success study and found that business risk and disruption had increased for about three-quarters of survey participants over the prior five years. Clearly, business risk and disruption are not new.

In 2020, their Business Sustainability (and Survival) Strategies 20202 research found that the COVID-19 disruption led many organizations to go into survival mode. The impact of the pandemic was unpredictable and had a more prolonged impact than other recent disruptions including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, hurricanes, and human-created events like terrorism and armed conflict. Although they remained committed to important strategic initiatives like digital transformation and innovation, they lost focus on other essential pillars of long-term business sustainability.

Some interesting findings include:

As for future long term sustainability, the data showed innovation and agility at the top of concerns:


Download the full report to learn more about what other businesses ranked for priorities around business risk and long terms sustainability.