Introducing Markforged Next Day Metal, Metal X Gen 2 and X7 Field Edition

Introducing Markforged Next Day Metal, Metal X Gen 2 and X7 Field Edition

Markforged has made 3 major product announcements this week that you need to know about!  

  • Next Day Metal
  • Metal X Generation 2
  • X7 Field Printer

First up: Next Day Metal

Next Day Metal is the culmination of process improvements over the last three years, and the exhaustive testing required to get here. The entire Metal X fleet just got faster through an over-the-air update, and it is now possible to go from art to part in as little as 28 hours.

Print metal up to 2x faster, with no compromise in quality.  Watch the video:

Markforged began experimenting with print speeds, challenging our old assumptions about the correlation between speed and quality. Faster printing has been implemented for 17-4PH, with similar improvements coming soon across the materials lineup. The same printer can now double its throughput, and doubling the number of printers, well, doubles that. A Sinter-2 suddenly becomes much easier to fill.

Improved Wash & Dry TimesWash and dry time estimates are more accurate for smaller parts, shortening the required debind cycle time.

Sinter Overnight with Sinter-2. They built a bigger furnace, then made it faster.

Sinter-2 is one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment that Markforged has ever built. The advanced system of sensors and control modules gives the ability to continue improving it through software, long after the hardware has been shipped and installed. Sinter-2 features a 17-hour Express Run, for overnight sintering of part batches weighing <250g.

Second Up: Metal X Gen 2 printer

The Metal X (Gen 2) printer retains the same printing functionality as the Gen 1 printer, with focused changes to improve operator safety and the user experience while the machine is actively printing.

The touchscreen has been relocated outside of the print chamber to reduce the risk of contact with moving or heated components. The printer also gains door position sensors that automatically pause active prints when the door is open. Improved chamber insulation shortens warm-up times, and improves print consistency.

Third Up: The X7 Field Edition

The X7 Field Edition is a ruggedized, field-deployable industrial 3D printer for tactical response to inventory challenges in remote locations. Building upon the robust aluminum unibody design of Markforged’s flagship X7, the X7 FE is equipped with a rotomolded high-impact polyethylene Pelican case to protect it during transportation through harsh environments. The case also contains all the tools, spare parts, and materials required for maintenance and repair operations in the field. The X7 FE allows the Digital Forge to be deployed anywhere in the world, helping service members, engineers, and operators reinvent the way they address the evolving challenges across an ever-changing global supply chain.

Download the X7 Field Data Sheet