Join Adaptive at CAASE18 (The Conference of Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering 2018) | Adaptive Corp

Join Adaptive at CAASE18 (The Conference of Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering 2018)

Join Adaptive at CAASE18 (The Conference of Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering 2018)

June 5 – June 7, 2018, Cleveland, Ohio

Booth #20

Join Adaptive Corporation at the CAASE18 Event sponsored by NAFEMS and Digital Engineering. Visit Adaptive at Booth #20 to learn more about the latest innovations and technologies from Dassault Systèmes and other Adaptive partners. Also, make a note to attend the three technical presentations being given by Adaptive simulation experts.


Wednesday, June 6, Room 24, 4:05 PM

One Ring to Rule Them All: Managing Simulation Projects across Multiple Tools and Software into One Efficient Solution (Maria Sullivan, Adaptive Corporation)

Abstract: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) world is barging into the life of simulation engineers and analysts promising higher efficiency. Countless software files and results, various tools leveraged for one project, sharing data among team members and data hand‐off among disciplines. How can PLM be leveraged to manage it effectively and efficiently? What is it really all about? The answer is different for each and every company. Rarely does one size fit all when it comes to selecting and managing simulation processes, tools, data, and results.

Thursday, June 7, Room 26B, 1:00 PM

Dynamic Load Calculation and Correlation of Aluminum Truck Body for Knapheide Mfg Co. (Cynde Murphy, Adaptive Corporation)

Abstract: Analytical simulation is a powerful tool that can allow for understanding the dynamic behavior and fatigue life of any structure. However, one of the most challenging tasks involved in developing a simulation is developing accurate and realistic load cases that replicate field strains in the structure. Once a representative finite element model (FEM) of a structure is created, challenges arise when understanding and applying dynamic loads to the FEM so that correlation and validation with physical testing are accurate. One step further in complexity is being able to calculate dynamic stress profiles for the entire structure, and use those results for further investigation such as fatigue estimates.

Thursday, June 7, Room 26C, 3:05 PM

Emerging Vehicle-Terrain Interaction Modeling & Simulation Techniques for High Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics (Darren Simoni, Adaptive Corporation)

Problem Statement: Vehicle dynamics simulations are heavily relied upon in commercial and military automotive industries for design assessment and predictions of performance, including mobility capabilities. Vehicle terrain interaction has challenged vehicle dynamics modeling and simulation tools and users since the adoption of simulation. Generating results on terrains which are comprised of soft, loose, or compacting soils have long been categorized as impossible. Due to these limitations, vehicle dynamics simulations of all vehicle types, including off‐road vehicles are limited on pavement or hard packed type surfaces.

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