28 Nov 2017

Not Just for Parts: Additive Manufacturing Delivers Benefits with Tooling

The buzz around Additive Manufacturing (AM) tends to focus on making parts—how making production parts via AM brings a revolution to some manufacturers and disrupts some established industries. But while impressive, AM parts aren’t the whole story. An important potential use for AM is often left out, and it’s one that could impact dramatically more […]

14 Oct 2017

Use Simulation to Power Innovation in Life Sciences

By refining designs early in the conceptual process, computer simulation is helping leading medical device companies understand the in-vivo performance and surgical delivery of coronary stents to further optimize device behavior for better patient outcomes.

17 Nov 2017

Additive Manufacturing Deep Dive (Part 2): Every Part is Custom

In Part 1 of this blog series, we talked about how additive manufacturing (AM) has improved and even shaken up processes in traditional manufacturing industries, such as GE incorporating 3D printed parts into their jet engine manufacturing process. While the change may seem revolutionary, it isn’t actually surprising that a company already manufacturing products on […]

22 Sep 2017

Additive Manufacturing Lunch & Learn

Join us at our luncheon November 7th in Perrysburg, OH. Attend this event and stay up-to-date on new technologies that can reduce your manufacturing and QA bottlenecks. The Lunch and Learn will feature: Portable metrology solutions for inspection Handheld 3D scanners for reverse engineering The Markforged Industrial Series and Metal 3D printers for tooling and […]