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22 Mar 2019

3DEXPERIENCE 2019x Takes Collaboration to New Heights With Its Latest Release

Dassault Systèmes’ recent release of 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x boasts over 200 new features and functions. With its cloud capabilities, role-based functionality, and all the apps on one dashboard, it provides a revolutionary level of collaboration and user experience.

This release widens the lead Dassault has as the largest cloud offering, for businesses of any size, in the PLM industry. In fact, it encompasses 95% of the most advanced and comprehensive design & engineering portfolio on the market.

Let’s take peek at the basics of the platform and then jump right in to some of the highlights.


People with different skills and roles, and located in various locations, need to work together. Open and easy collaboration as well as data compatibility throughout the design, manufacturing, and production processes are vital in developing innovative products successfully.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers two configurations:

  • Business Innovation – digitally connecting all users, and
  • Industry Innovation – collaborating across industries and disciplines

This cloud platform provides a single, easy-to-use, role-based interface. There are software solutions for the entire creation process and for every organization in the company, from engineering to marketing and sales.

Hundreds of roles, such as Mechanical & Shape Designer, Product Release Engineer, Supply Chain Director, Collaborative Forecaster, and Platform Manager, are embedded into four major areas—3D Modeling, Content and Simulation, Information Intelligence, and Social and Collaboration applications. Roles easily allow users to select apps and services with one click.

The nice thing about the interface is that the apps and services are all available on the 3DDashboard (shown below).

Key Highlights of the 3DEXPERIENCE New Release R2019x

Real-time User Collaboration with the 3DDashboard

  • My 3DDashboard

3DDashboard delivers real-time intelligence and improved collaboration for the Business Innovation Role.

Users can see everything that’s happening all on one dashboard 24/7. They can analyze data from all sources, visualize and review 3D designs in real-time, and share dashboards, insights, and files. Data is compatible throughout the company, from creating ideas to manufacturing the end product. Users can navigate, review, and compose assemblies at an extraordinary pace.

  • Web Notes Enhancements

R2019x added a rich text editor and Search enhancements along with Merging and Duplicating by drag & drop. Concurrent editing prevents another user from erasing content previously added on the same app instance.

  • 3DDrive

Organize, manage, and share files with peers (only in the cloud).

  • 3DReview of Projects

Seamless interaction and rapid switching between apps in your dashboard allows 3D review on projects.

  • A NEW Users Group App Improves Productivity Up To 5X

This app was a hot topic. You can now invite multiple users, instead of just one, to join 3DEXPERIENCE where roles are assigned to each user. Then they are added to relevant communities, dashboards, and 3DSpace for easy collaboration. This helps to improve productivity up to 5X.

New Experiences for Designers to Create in 3D

  • 3DPlay

Users can visualize 2D and 3D content directly from a browser in 3DPlay and on multiple devices to speed up design iterations.

It includes enhancements to the 360 images with support for spherical and cylindrical images.

Fly Walk was updated to enable a user to benefit from Touch support, Align to Ground feature, and automatic speed depending on the size of the model.

Support for seamless switching between Full 3DPlay and 3DMaster apps like 3DReview and 3DCompose.

3DPlay now supports the new “advanced Filters” in 3DSpace (Web).

  • 3DNatural Sketching for an Immersive Experience

Designers now have the ability to transform 2D ideas into 3D virtual reality using the CATIA Natural Sketch. Designers can plug-and-play their HTC Vive head mounted display to jump into VR from their 3DSketching app and instantly design and model in 3D VR space creating an immersive experience.

  • The 3D Generative Innovator

This 3D mobile, browser-based, generative modeling (wireframe and surface design) replaces programming with graphical visual scripting (low code approach) combined with interactive 3D modeling.

This intuitive approach allows the creative experts in Architecture, Design/Styling, and Engineering to quickly explore, design, and validate options for complex, irregular shapes and patterns. Unique to this function, the user can swap between the interactive 3D and the graph. This capability pushes creativity and helps users to be more productive leading to more successful designs.

Enhanced Security

  • 3DPassport

3DPassport provides a higher level of security through authentication and authorization with Single Sign-On (SSO) Services along with 2FA Authentication.

  • 3DCompass and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

3DCompass delivers compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It offers data protection and privacy regulations on the cloud.

Improved Admin Capabilities

  • 3DCompass and Native OS Applications

3DCompass allows Platform Admins to download and install Native OS applications.

CATIA V5 launcher, SOLIDWORKS Desktop, and any third party app can be installed and fully functional to access the platform for Simulation, Manufacturing, Collaboration, and Engineering capabilities without migrating or translating CAD data.

Enhanced End-to-End Additive Manufacturing (AM) Solution

  • Generates optimized conceptual assemblies refining the shape globally or locally.
  • Digital continuity. Extends AM digital continuity and enhance AM from function-driven design, optimized process, and realistic manufacturing, to bringing the model from Virtual to Real with the Make service of the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. Digital continuity is unique to Dassault Systèmes end-to-end AM.


These are just a handful of the powerful and unique enhancements Dassault Systèmes recently released in 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x. It gives PLM, without a doubt, a revolutionary level of collaboration and user experience on the cloud.

People can work smoothly together regardless of location, device or role and streamline their workflows. They can quickly develop ideas and design concepts in 3D, test and experiment in real time, assess challenges early on, and share accurate, up-to-date data. This all leads to creating innovative products more effectively and successfully.

Watch the overview video below:

To find out more about how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can help you overcome your challenges in bringing new products to market, contact us.