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25 Jun 2018
CUBE-R Automated Inspection System

Improve Inspection Productivity with Robotic 3D Scanning Solutions

In order to stay competitive, manufacturers are pressured to develop more complex parts in less time. These part designs, in turn, require more sophisticated measurement and inspection processes to meet quality standards.

Today, QA organizations are looking for three primary advantages:

They want portability. Meaning, they want to make 3D measurements wherever you need to go. Not limited to the lab.

They want true accuracy. That is, they need accurate measurements in real-life operating conditions.

And they also want simplicity. They need solutions designed to provide accurate measurements with a simple, efficient measurement process.

Now, thanks to CREAFORM, 3D scanning systems can augment existing Metrology assets with accurate and consistent results.

Adaptive supports two primary applications: first article inspection compliance (FAI) and reverse engineering.

The MetraSCAN 3D-R is a new robot-mounted optical 3D scanner for automated inspections on production floors. This self-contained system is designed for high-volume, 24/7 operations and requires minimal operator involvement. Even at production-floor speeds, the Metrascan 3D-R maintains a 0.078 mm accuracy for parts between 0.3m and 10m in size. New features include a powerful R-System control console, auto-calibration system, and the C-track optical tracking bar. The Metrascan is compatible with inspection software from 3D Systems and Polyworks.

MetraSCAN 3D-R Automated 3D Inspection
The Metra-Scan 3D-R Automated 3D Inspection System

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The CUBE-RTM is a turnkey automated 3D scanning CMM solution for at-line inspection. This automated 3D measuring machine features MetraSCAN 3D-R, a powerful robot-mounted optical 3D scanner that can be integrated into factory automation systems without compromising on accuracy. The CUBE-R can inspect hundreds of parts a day, including complex designs. One of the keys to the systems high-productivity output is the controller’s ability to multitask. The system offers simultaneous operation of data acquisition and analysis to generate an uninterrupted measurement flow.

CUBE-R Automated Inspection System
The Creaform CUBE-R Automated Inspection System for at-line inspections

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Thanks to the CREAFORM Academia package, 3D scanning and inspection processes can now be taught in class and used for research. Designed to be used in engineering courses, the Academia kits include portable 3D scanners, inspection and reverse engineering software, teaching kits, video tutorials, sample datasets, and five-year customer care programs.

CREAFORM Academia Solutions
CREAFORM Academia Solutions for Teaching and Research

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23 Dec 2015

Removing a CMM Bottleneck

Have you experienced a CMM bottleneck recently?  We’re running into more customers than ever that are telling us about their CMM Bottlenecks.

CMM Bottleneck’s are caused by the amount of time that it takes to:CMM

  • Setup and fixture parts
  • Program the CMM equipment
  • Perform the inspection
  • Generate the report

Just imagine…

If we could eliminate the need for fixtures, think of the time and resources that could be saved…

If we didn’t need to have a dedicated skilled resource on staff to program the CMM, perform the physical part inspection and generate the report, think about those efficiency gains…

And…If we didn’t need to have a dedicated “clean room” for inspection, think even bigger about cost savings…

How can we achieve this?

Enter the world of Hand Held Laser Scanning and Probing!HandyScan1

  • Accuracy to 30 Microns
  • Full repeatability
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Not affected by heat or vibration *
  • Minimal hardware and software training needed

*Operating temperature range 59 – 104°F (15 – 40°C)

Operating Humidity range (Non condensing) 10 – 90%

Aside from significant cost and time saving, what other immediate benefits could be gained?

  • Opportunity to increase production volumes
  • Reduced risk of missing shipping deadlines

Exceptionally fast data acquisition rates – up to 480,000 points per second can be acquired!HandyScan2

No fixtures needed **

How can we eliminate the need for fixtures?

The hand held laser scanners use Dynamic Referencing to align themselves to the part being scanned, the part could actually be moving whilst it is being scanned!

After the parts have been scanned, the software creates the alignment to nominal CAD data in one of the following ways:

  • Surfaces or cross-sections (measured-to-nominal best-fit, constrainable in rotation/translation, and within tolerance zone)
  • Features (3-2-1, pairs of center points, and GD&T datum reference frames)
  • Reference points and lines (RPS, surface points, and six-point nest)
  • Virtual gauges (caliper, flush & gap, and airfoil)

** Does not apply to flimsy parts or parts that will distort under their own weight

Powerful tools are available within the Inspection software that allow for very easy creation of inspection reports.



Many companies have found an almost immediate solution to their CMM Bottleneck by implementing portable Metrology solutions.

These solutions can be implemented as a standalone replacement for a CMM system but equally can be implemented to augment an existing CMM system.

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