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HandySCAN 3D Black

The HandySCAN 3DTM line-up is the industry standard in portable metrology-grade 3D scanners and a proven and trusted patented technology. Optimized to meet the needs of design, manufacturing and metrology professionals, the BLACK Series provides the most effective and reliable way to acquire accurate 3D measurements of physical objects anywhere.

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HandySCAN3D Silver Series

The SILVER Series is part of the HandySCAN 3DTM line-up, the industry standard in portable metrology-grade 3D scanners. This proven and trusted patented technology captures accurate and repeatable 3D measurements of any complex surface in any location.

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Aircraft Communication & Detection System Performance

New trends such as extended frequency spectrum use, increasing numbers of antenna systems and new lightweight composite materials are making antenna design more complex. SIMULIA’s simulation solutions help reduce certification and testing costs while ensuring the highest level of quality and security.

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Meet New Challenges in Mobile Communications

5G is a revolutionary wireless technology promising higher data rates, greater reliability and lower latency. To explore multi-variable design spaces and consider all of the electromagnetic and structural physics to achieve the overall optimal design in the shortest time possible, manufactures will need to use highly virtual software prototyping applications.

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Adaptive HandySCAN FAQ Flyer

Now in its 3rd generation, the HandySCAN Black Elite has been optimized to meet the needs of design manufacturing and metrology professionals looking for the most effective and reliable way to capture 3D measurements of physical objects. It’s easy to use, and generates highly accurate and repeatable results – even in difficult environments with complex surfaces.

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HandySCAN AEROPACK-3D Scanning Solution Suite for the Aerospace Industry

Providing unmatched speed, ease of use, reliability and repeatability, HandySCAN AEROPACK makes inspection and reverse engineering workflows highly efficient, significantly reduces operators’ impact on measurement results, and shortens the time to generate final reports or CAD designs. It saves the aerospace industry time and money-all without compromising diagnosis results and safety.

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Creaform Competitive Analysis

Improve Speed, Flexibility, and Accuracy in Your Product Design and Manufacturing Cycles with Portable Handheld 3D Scanners

As production cycles, response to quality control (QC) requirements, and time to market accelerate, the need for speed in manufacturing is paramount. Increase speed without sacrificing simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy.

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