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Improve Speed, Flexibility, and Accuracy in Your Product Design and Manufacturing Cycles with Portable Handheld 3D Scanners

As production cycles, response to quality control (QC) requirements, and time to market accelerate, the need for speed in manufacturing is paramount. Increase speed without sacrificing simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy.

Are You Having These Challenges?

  • Creating designs from scratch into CAD software.
  • Acquiring accurate 3D measurements of physical objects.
  • Capturing precise measurements for replacement parts for reverse engineering.
  • Spending hours measuring tooling and parts to pinpoint defects.
  • Difficulties gathering measurements of complex objects, with shiny or dark finishes.
  • Transporting your existing scanning devices to offsite locations.

Wherever you are in the product lifecycle process, it’s vital to take on or eliminate these challenges and be as productive as possible at each step along the way.

Which portable 3D scanners offer the biggest advantage?

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