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Performance Driven Generative Design On The Cloud

In today’s increasingly competitive market, it is no longer sustainable to approach design slowly and methodically. Designers are faced with faster design cycles and more demanding design requirements. Their compositions have to be lighter, cheaper, more aesthetic and more streamlined than the competition’s. They need to push past conventional ways of working to think innovatively – and quickly.


Making Part Reuse Simple with EXALEAD OnePart

Most manufacturers know that reusing duplicate parts instead of redesigning them is important. Part reuse is hard to quantify, and it’s not often done. But doing so reveals just how large the opportunity cost really is—and how much every manufacturer can save.
EXALEAD OnePart, from Dassault Systèmes, offers a secure, non-intrusive, and fast way to collect part data from nearly every enterprise system in your organization.


Engineering with the Cloud

To compete in today’s fast-paced and competitive market, smaller and newer firms need a powerful platform that will enable them to compete with bigger players without the heavy investments needed in computer hardware, software and personnel. CATIA on the Cloud’s user-friendly and ready out of the box nature ensures that companies, whatever their size, can get up and running on the platform in a matter of minutes.


Drive Product Innovation with Reverse Engineering

As a practice, reverse engineering is as old as engineering itself. Thanks to continuing advances in hardware and software technology, reverse engineering is now so fast, accurate, and effective that it has become an integral part of modern product design.


Electric Drive: How Can You Level Up?

Electric cars may well be the future of the automotive industry. Car manufacturers need to maximize the power of electric motors while reducing their mass and electromagnetic losses. In the race for e-drive, simulation is helping OEMs reach the best design and optimal combination of parameters.