Electric Drive: How Can You Level Up?

Electric Drive: How Can You Level Up?

Electric cars may well be the future of the automotive industry. Car manufacturers need to maximize the power of electric motors while reducing their mass and electromagnetic losses. In the race for e-drive, simulation is helping OEMs reach the best design and optimal combination of parameters.


Electric vehicles are nothing new. They have been in the picture since the dawn of the automobile. But they never became industrially relevant because gasoline was a cheaper energy source than electricity. Now green motives are turning the wheel. Auto makers have to reinvent electric powertrain and make it suitable for modern cars.

This ebook provides an overview of why the 3DEXPERIENCE platform makes a difference by connecting simulation to requirements, design, and manufacturing data, thus establishing a “single source of truth” and closing the gaps between project participants.

Automakers and suppliers can collaborate on one platform to design better electric drive systems.

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