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How to Solve Productivity Issues with Automated Quality Control

Smart factories are increasingly implementing automated quality control equipment and workflows in order to address many challenges, including bottlenecks at the CMM and or inspection arm, manufacturing skills gap, quality control costs and inefficient production cycles. In particular, in-line and at-line metrology solutions are particularly conducive to tackling these challenges.



Sustainable Innovation

As an engineering professional, you are aware of the many benefits simulation can bring to product design and development. But even if you’re already using simulation, are you sure you’ve designed the best possible product from the least material at the lowest cost—ensuring both customer satisfaction and higher operating margins? Is your solution innovative enough to beat out the competition and sustain your business into the future?


Are You Ready for the Future of Manufacturing?

New business models emerge from the fact that value is now inherent in the knowledge and know-how associated with a product, rather than in the product itself. The leading businesses of Industry Renaissance will be those that empower the Workforce of the Future and their value networks with knowledge and know-how, shaking all sectors in the economy with new categories of industry firms creating new categories of solutions for new categories of customers. The Future of Manufacturing lies in harnessing this entire digital ecosystem to deliver exciting and sustainable experiences to eager customers.