Go!SCAN SPARK Detailed Demonstration

Go!SCAN SPARK features four inline cameras for faster 3D scanning and color acquisition. It also features an ergonomic design that allows for different types of hand positions.

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Frank Thomas.  I’m with Adaptive Corporation.

Today we’re here to feature the brand-new Go!SCAN SPARK by CREAFORM. The Go!SCAN SPARK is a white light 3D scanner. It scans color,  it also scans texture. Today we’re going to scan a package to illustrate the ability to scan color. You’ll see the label actually comes up on the on the 3D scan very well. What we’ve got is basically a fixture that has some targets on it and we’re just going to place the part in the middle of the fixture.

The Go!SCAN SPARK is operated very complete and conveniently by thumb controls on the side of the scanner. To activate the scanner we just pointed at the object that we want to scan. We hit the start button and you’ll see how quickly it starts a scanning process. We’re going to zoom in a bit so that you can see what’s going on. We’ll go around the part and will scan for about a minute so that you get some understanding of first of all the process and then secondly the output that the scanner generates. Okay after about a minute of scanning you can see that we’ve got the entire package. We’ve basically turned off the table so that you can see the table and the backside of the part. I didn’t really focus on a whole lot but you can for sure see the label pretty well. You can see all of the contours on the part. You can see some shininess and texture mapping on the part as well and very clear scan,

So once again this has been the G0!SCAN SPARK by CREAFORM and the example here was scanning a consumer packaged product.