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Demonstration of Creaform HandySCAN 700

Watch 2 demonstrations of Creaform HandySCAN 700, the most versatile 3D scanner on the market for inspection and demanding reverse engineering. This is the fastest path from physical objects to your design or inspection workflow: Fastest 3D scanner on the market: 25 times faster than the previous generation Highest measurement rate among all laser scanners: 480,000 […]


Alcove9 Search Based Application for Engineering

Alcove9 is a Search-based Application (SBA) for Engineering organizations who do not employ PDM or PLM today. Alcove9 uses a simple and recognizable Google like search data. I’ll show you that here in the the demo. Now before I do that I want to go over some basic premises of our solution. The data that […]


Offline Programming for CMM in CATIA V5 by Dassault Systemes

Larry Kuehn of Adaptive demonstrates ability to offline program CMM in CATIA V5. V5 CMM planner integrated CATIA v5 offline CMM programming solution with a heavy focus on model based inspection best practices. The software has ability to post-process to virtually any CMM native language. CMM Planner is designed by CMM programmers for CMM planning which makes […]


V5 CMM Planner Video V2

This is a demonstration of the CATIA V5 CMM Planner. The CMM Planner operates natively in CATIA V5, and allows you to program virtually all CMM’s off-line in CATIA V5…much like programming a CNC machine off-line in CAD. Watch the video for more.


CMM Off line Programming in CATIA V5

This demonstration features the “CATIA V5 CMM Planner” from Adaptive Corporation. This solution allows you to program virtually any CMM off-line, directly in CATIA V5. We’re going to do a demonstration right now so we can kinda see the product. So what we have here is a typical aerospace part. I went ahead and I […]