Design Simulate and Build Faster with the 3DEXPERIENCE

In today’s product development world, teams are challenged to drive development costs down, shorten design cycles exponentially and deliver superior products to their customers. Simulation is a key driver in this process.

To help demonstrate how any product development team can achieve success, a fictional sport equipment company was founded, which you will learn about in this webinar. To compete in an ever-changing market, this company must rapidly and accurately deliver an innovative golf driver and putter.

Leveraging the 3DExperience platform, this company’s simulation team seamlessly interacted and collaborated with the entire project team to influence design decisions. The team drafted design concepts, set up a project schedule and assigned tasks, developed and validated these concepts with simulation, and visualized these designs with real time rendering and Virtual Reality applications. With this strategy, the simulation team focuses more on their expertise, and less on revision tracking, delivery and weighty presentation of results for the rest of the team. The end result is a much faster go to market with a better and more competitive product.

About the Speaker:

Maria Sullivan is a Senior Application Engineer with Adaptive Corporation. Maria holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering and a MSc in Automation and Control Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. From 2012 to 2017 she was part of the SIMULIA team in a variety of technical roles, working first with Isight, Abaqus and Dymola, and then helping customers adopt the 3DExperience Platform.

In 2017 Maria joined the Adaptive technical team to provide support services, collaborate on projects and help customers to transition to the 3DExperience platform era.