Dynamic Load Calculation and Correlation of an Aluminum Truck Body

On Demand Webinar: Dynamic Load Calculation and Correlation of an Aluminum Truck Body

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Analytical simulation is a powerful tool that can allow for understanding the dynamic behavior and fatigue life of any structure. However, one of the most challenging tasks involved with developing a simulation is creating accurate and realistic load cases that replicate field strains in the structure. Once a representative finite element model (FEM) of a structure is created, challenges arise when understanding and applying dynamic loads to the FEM so that correlation and validation with physical testing is accurate. One more complex step is the ability to calculate dynamic stress profiles for the entire structure, and use those results for further investigation such as fatigue estimates.

Simulation experts at Adaptive Corporation, in conjunction with Knapheide, were able to circumvent this traditionally laborious process and develop an efficient and accurate process. The Adaptive team has leveraged the use of ANSA, ABAQUS, Wolf Star Technologies True-Load software and Fe-Safe, to develop an FEM, understand the dynamic mechanical loads and develop a duty cycle for their truck body structure. This body of work can and will be subsequently used for design, simulation, fatigue analysis and engineering development of iterations of the same structure, as well as similar truck body structures.

Calculating the mechanical loads for this project allows Knapheide the ability to rapidly iterate on designs for this truck body structure, as well as provide a starting point for other similar truck body designs. This ultimately saves time and money in their product development cycle by eliminating the entire design-build-test cycle.

In this webinar, Adaptive Corporation’s Senior Simulation Engineer, Cynde Murphy, will take you through the process of validating complex products like Knapheide’s aluminum Truck.

Cynde Murphy

With over 29 years of engineering experience running the gamut of Structural simulation, Modal Dynamics, Product Development, Testing Correlation and more Cynde has become an instrumental leader in her field. Today, Cynde is Manager of Simulation and Technical Services at Adaptive Corporation where she provides technical support and training to Adaptive customers for all SIMULIA products and performs consulting engagements with Adaptive customers. Cynde holds a B.S. Mech Engineering from Marquette University and a M.S> Mech Engineering from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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