On Demand Webinar: Correlate Simulation Results and Test Data using True Loads


Do You Know Your Loads?

Most companies struggle to get CAE analysts in sync with the testing department, typically taking weeks to develop the right load cases matching only one or two gauges, at a single point in time.

Join us to see a proven process that reduces the time, complexity and costs related to acquiring the test data and easily translated it into the appropriate FEA and fatigue analysis software inputs.

The dynamic loading a structure will be subjected to is arguably the most important piece of the analysis puzzle, yet few truly have a handle on it.

Perform FEA Study, Predict Fatigue Life

How can we perform an in-depth FEA study, predict fatigue life or truly optimize anything without being able to provide the software with real world loads and a comprehensive duty cycle? Garbage in…garbage out – sound familiar?

Our Speaker:

Wayne Tanner will provide a short overview of the first-to-market software program True-Load™. He will focus the majority of the webinar reviewing a recent project where this process significantly increased the client’s understanding of how their equipment performs while in operation.

One of the most challenging tasks for an analyst is to develop load cases for their FE model that match measured strain values. If we are concerned about fatigue, then we must account for the accumulation of smaller events not just worst case loads.

For our consulting projects we needed a more accurate and efficient method to get load data we can trust, True-Load has proven itself time and time again.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to transform any structure into its own load transducer
  • Use computerized algorithms to identify the optimal strain gauge locations for your FE model
  • Correlating a FE model to test data with remarkable accuracy and speed
  • Reducing assumptions and the need for expensive testing equipment
  • Why the loads we choose can be detrimental to the final design

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