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Optimizing Medical Device Development with Full Regulatory Compliance

In today’s world, quality has been found to have a major influence on the market success and profitability of any new product. Customers can easily compare products and post opinions on any type of product from a simple sandwich, to a car, or to something as personal and highly regulated as a knee replacement. Assuring quality, reliability, and safety is an integral part of any product development process.
Companies can significantly reduce


Defining a Technology Strategy to Support Product Development

Over the past three decades companies have made remarkable gains in manufacturing productivity and efficiency. At the same time, some companies have struggled to duplicate their manufacturing productivity gains during product development. Consider that a typical engineer’s day conservatively includes at least 30- 40 percent of non-value added time when his or her expertise is not applied towards innovation. Yet, we see every year that successful companies are shortening the amount of time to development and launch a product.