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5G Antenna Design for Smart Phones

Read a white paper to discover how SIMULIA CST Studio Suite provides electromagnetic simulation solutions that smartphone manufacturers rely on to achieve optimal designs and meet short development cycles.


Digital Manufacturing and the IIoT

Digital transformation represents a major shift and a top strategic priority for manufacturers across the globe. Usually the added value of a unified platform is perceived by leaders only after the deployment of a business. In consequence instead of achieving their goal of optimized operations fueled by the IoT, these companies become mired in pilot purgatory, unable to meet the digital demand across their internal value chains and broader supply chains.
Download this 12-page White Paper written with IoT World and learn how to accelerate value from your Industrial IoT Data


3DExperience Cloud Security

The ever-growing interest in Software as a service (SAAS) has necessitated a new paradigm in requirements for Cloud Security, since customer information is transferred, processed, and stored outside the customers’ usual environment, emphasis must be placed on securing this information.