Best Practices for Chemical Inventory Management

Leveraging Best Practices When Implementing a Chemical Inventory System Helps Ensure System Adoption and Successful Incorporation into Lab Processes

Companies that utilize chemicals in their labs and their manufacturing processes must manage those chemicals in a safe environment in accordance with government regulations. At a minimum, to ensure that this is accomplished, a system for managing information about the chemical safety and inventory data should be established and maintained. Best practices, on the other hand, take this minimum and leverage the management of the chemical inventory by taking full advantage of the people, processes, and technology involved. This white paper delves into the best practices involved in managing chemical inventory to achieve the most effective, holistic chemical inventory system.

What’s harder than turning Lead into Gold? Getting scientists interested in using a laboratory Chemical Inventory System! Well, perhaps not that hard, but it isn’t easy. The best way to go about ensuring success is to implement best practices so that it becomes easy for all your users, inside the lab and out, to get the most out of your chemical inventory management system.