Homogeneous Heating in Microwave Sintering with Non-Resonant Slotted Waveguides and Granular Susceptor Material

Sinter based additive manufacturing of metal parts includes a variety of techniques for manufacturing a three-dimensional part followed by a sintering process. Sintering processes play a major role in metal additive manufacturing and over the last 40 years the performance of conventional sintering process has not significantly improved. Current conventional sintering processes for metal additive manufacturing have slow heating rates (~ 5 deg. C/min), long sintering times (> 24 hrs.), high energy consumption and high equipment costs. In this paper, Metallum3D shares their patent pending microwave sintering technologies that greatly improve the performance and economics of the sintering process including fast heating rates (5x to 10x faster), short sintering times (up to 80% reduction when compared to conventional sintering), lower energy consumption and lower equipment costs.

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