Is PLM the Right Approach for Document Management

Manufacturers have been faced with the challenge of how to manage their documentation to define, design, produce, and service their products since the dawn of the Industrial Age. What first started out as a challenge on how to best organize physical file cabinets used for paper storage evolved into a similar digital challenge with the onset of personal computers and software for word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Surprisingly, despite solutions being available to organize and manage digital content (or files) for well over 30 years, manufacturers are still faced with a difficult decision on what approach is best for managing enterprise-wide documentation. To manage complex product files, companies often use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, which have connectors for various advanced engineering software applications such as CAD and many others. However, in order to provide the more complex management of product-centric files, PLM systems also provide the foundation for managing the simpler file types.

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