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Defining a Technology Strategy to Support Product Development

Over the past three decades companies have made remarkable gains in manufacturing productivity and efficiency. At the same time, some companies have struggled to duplicate their manufacturing productivity gains during product development. Consider that a typical engineer’s day conservatively includes at least 30- 40 percent of non-value added time when his or her expertise is not applied towards innovation. Yet, we see every year that successful companies are shortening the amount of time to development and launch a product.


Integrating Product Design and Development Environments

This white paper explores the possibilities available from the latest generation of integrated design and development environments. Manufacturers are once again looking to their enabling technologies to take them to the next level. Most current engineering software implementations, however, will not support the real-time, concurrent, design-in-context environment required. The current best in class technology offers [...]


Deliverables Based Program Management

This white paper describes how Deliverables-based Program Management enables program and project managers to create a competitive advantage, delivering products from concept to market faster. Organizations can concentrate critical resources on the most profitable products while standardizing on best-in-class business processes across the extended enterprise.


ERP Usability

Poor usability characteristics and unintuitive user interfaces of ERP systems decrease productivity and increase costs for businesses. This paper explores how ERP end user acceptance may be monitored, what metrics may be associated with ERP system usage, and how these metrics may be used as a basis for making informed decisions about enhancing, and thus […]


Customer Master Data Common Challenges and Solutions

This white paper discusses the Customer Domain in terms of its overall identity, common challenges and data governance indicators. It outlines a set of solution parameters that can streamline customer master data governance and provide organizations with the readiness they need to quickly meet evolving regulatory and business requirements.