Companion Follow-On

This consulting service evolves the self-paced experience of Companion e-Learning from general fundamentals into real world customer specific applications. This is an opportunity for site evaluation and discussion of methodology.

Onsite Training

Group training is conducted at the customer site, and is led by a certified and experienced instructor. The training content is based upon a conventional lecture format combined with interactive hands-on practice. The customer can choose between traditional books or eLearn based content, with either option allowing for real time question and answer and the ability to vary the learning  pace for optimal efficiency. Students will receive a certificate of completion. We work with the customer to meet schedule and location requirements, minimizing travel expenses and time away from the office.

Custom Training

Custom learning solutions address customer needs not satisfied by “out of box” training. Training is based upon existing business methodology that is being enhanced or redefined within the customer specific environment. This is a highly effective way for trainees to become immediately productive with tools, methods, and content that is directly related to their specific job function. Custom training is delivered  as a package that includes technical data, documented procedures, and instructor guide.

Workplace Mentoring

Often referred to as “floor walking” or “at the elbow” support, we provide in-person technical expertise to assist with the day to day usage of our software solutions. Whether for short-term projects such as go-live implementation or longer term production needs, we improve the competency of direct staff in real time, in their daily work environment.

CAD & Engineering Services

Mechanical Design

We offer comprehensive design and drafting capabilities to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of engineered products. We are familiar with common industry design standards such as ASME Y14.5, Y14.41, Y14.100, MIL-STD-31000 and we strive to adhere to any customer specific design authorities or specifications.  Adaptive is ITAR registered and certified.

Advanced Design

We can assist with complex 2D and 3D product development which includes Class-A surfacing, conic based lofting, freeform shape modeling, and composite design for manufacturing.

Common applications are

  • Design ideation
  • Body contour definition
  • Optimized tooling
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Part count reduction and “light weighting”

Visualization Content

This is the authoring of static or animated media that accelerates design, project approval, and purchasing decisions.

Common applications are:

  • Photorealistic design visualization
  • Managerial buy-in presentations
  • Marketing visual assets
  • Technical publications
  • Assembly documentation
  • Field service manuals

Reverse Engineering

In cases where a virtual representation of a physical product is needed, perhaps due to the absence of original design documents, Adaptive can develop accurate digital geometry from existing as-built components that have  been 3D scanned.

Automation & Programming

Engineering software offers significant return on investment by providing the ability to capture and optimize industrial processes. However, there are reasons why even the most sophisticated “out of the box” technology may not provide a complete solution. Needs vary from one organization to the next, commodified tools are not always available for every procedure or system. Furthermore, today’s dynamic business environments require that companies continually search for ways to streamline and optimize tasks in order to remain competitive.

From the automation of simple work routines to full-scale application development, we integrate customer specifications and knowledge to deliver accurate and consistent results, with measurable productivity gains.

We provide custom programming services based upon:

  • CATIA Knowledgeware
  • CATScript
  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • ENOVIA Studio

Data Transformation

The need to migrate or repurpose data is an important consideration when implementing new engineering systems and business processes. Certainly the conversion of all legacy data is not required when upgrading or consolidating CAD environments, but very often there are new formats and requirements that justify some investment. Additionally, companies continue to adopt the Model- Based Definition (MBD) paradigm, strategize plans for Long Term Archival & Retrieval (LOTAR), and utilize their engineering data across business units that require other forms of enterprise visualization.

Because it is typical that data has been released to production and serves as master design authority, it is of paramount importance that the successful completion of this work involve careful analysis, execution, and validation activity. Adaptive understands this, and can provide true interoperability from source data that saves time and development costs, and increases productivity.

Systems Integration

This service involves planning, coordination, and implementation of software and supporting technologies. It may include some or all of the following:

Discovery:  Information gathering in order to identify areas of concern and opportunity. Assessments taken of enterprise architecture, key personnel, data, and relevant workflows.

Design: Formation of standards and specifications that enable the overall mission requirements. Processes are created and/or modified to take advantage of new technology. Modifications to IT system architecture are defined, as are plans for data migration. Verification methods are established to ensure compliance with stated requirements and goals.

Compose: Configuration of the test environment. Customization to extend the core “out of box” software code.  Establish user and organizational roles and permissions.  Prepare data for migration.

Test: Dynamic analysis performed with routines, scripts, and specific case scenarios to validate expected performance and confirm intentions of use.  Executed in a test environment.

Deploy:  Configuration of the production environment.  Implementation of processes and/or custom code.  Data migration.

Document: Detailed descriptions/records of the configured state of the installation/system. Can also include standard operating procedures for different organizational roles and responsibilities and best practices reports and/or development.

Ownership Transfer:  Operational enablement through training and mentoring of key personnel.

Staff Augmentation

From general workforce to specialized consulting, we can provide on-site professionals on a contractual basis to our customers in need of project assistance. Our access to cutting edge technology and training ensures that our employees are highly competent subject matter experts with the talent, resources, and experience to meet or exceed business requirements. Emphasis is put on cultural as well as technical fit within the organization, good communication, time management, and the ability to complete assignments with minimal supervision.


These business consulting services are designed to help the customer develop or update procedures that govern design, drafting, and/ or engineering processes across the organization. A few examples of this are:

Model-Based Definition:  Defining procedures, guidelines, and training to enable true 3D master engineering authority.

Libraries:  Development of industry and organization specific catalogs, templates, and standards.

  • Drawing formats, standards, symbols
  • Published catalogs, e.g. spare parts.
  • Knowledge templates, e.g. sheet metal joggles
  • Standard components, e.g. electrical, piping, tubing.

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