Inspection & Metrology Services

Adaptive offers worldwide contract measurement services from experienced metrology professionals to ensure every detail of your manufacturing production line is built within design specifications. Our experts arrive at your site equipped with the tools they need to perform a wide range of measurement, engineering, and building or assembly tasks.

Onsite Scanning & Measurement

Do you have a very large part or complex assembly that needs to be scanned for reverse engineering or inspection applications? Adaptive will come on site and assist with your 3D scanning and measurement challenges. We handle 3D modeling of objects of all sizes. We can reconstruct from 3D scanning data or 2D drawings/sketches and create a new digital 3D digital file for analysis. Our scanning process will output a native file that can be imported to SOLIDWORKS or CATIA for further analysis. Post-processing services are also available to convert files in various CAD formats or for simulation.

Adaptive works to accommodate our customer needs by offering on-site or remote 3D scanning services. Our scanning technology is portable, so it is easy for us to travel to your location and provide scanning services. In some cases, customers ship parts to us to perform the 3D scanning off-site. In either case, the deliverable back to our customer can be a simple 3D scan file (STL), or a 3D CAD file (virtually any CAD format including STEP, IGES, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, etc…), or a detailed inspection report that compares CAD to the physical part.

Aftermarket Innovation

Many companies look to expand their business by developing aftermarket products to enhance OEM product design or improve weaknesses on existing designs. 3D scanning and reverse engineering are key components to helping quickly determine the viability of new designs and enhancements. Convert scans into CAD files instantly and your project team can begin working through design ideas for your market. With Adaptive’s services, we can help you reduce your risk and test the market before committing to further investment.

First Article Inspection

Improve your quality program by using 3D scanning (probing or non-contact) as part of your first article inspection process. Capture precise measurements with 3D scanning and match those specs against the standards to meet supplier or internal requirements. Adaptive will help you establish and document your FAI process for your supplier program. We can also help to automate PPAP and AS9102 documents and in-process inspection documents for all your FAI reporting needs.

3D Modeling

Create unique 3D modelling files to support CAD, CAE or other advanced design needs. Ensure that parts are meeting supplier specifications before they get released to production. Our post-processing capabilities will help generate file formats for any CAD/CAE system and ensure data is managed in the right system.

Coordinate Machine Measurement Services

Our state of the art CMM services will ensure your inspection and calibration needs are met for government or supplier compliance in the automotive, aerospace, and medical device industries. Our high precision metrology tools can help you with all your inspection needs, from a simple machine calibration or fixture adjustment to a complex assembly that needs automated inspection. We also offer CMM programming services that will help accelerate your inspection processes and lower the cost of inspection if you are facing a high demand of inspection work.

QC Reporting

Whatever your reporting needs are, Adaptive can help establish quality reporting templates and processes for both in-process inspection documents, full FAI documentation, or automated inspection tracking that is in compliance with your supplier or industry requirements. We can generate visual 3D reports, profile deviation, color mapping, 2D section analysis and boundary analysis templates.

Automated Inspection

More companies are looking to automate in-process inspection. Adaptive has the unique ability to work with a variety of 3D scanning solutions that can be attached to a variety of robots. The scanning solution and size of robot are dictated by your application and throughput requirements. Parts can be placed on an indexed turntable for scanning, or they can be scanned while moving on a conveyor system. Our technology can accommodate most in-process production requirements you have.

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