Product Lifecycle Management Roadmapping

Our 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Roadmapping Workshop is intended to help your company identify and plan the right project that meets your needs for your product lifecycle management implementation. Our roadmapping program starts by conducting in-depth requirements discussions with your cross-functional team and guiding the group through an overview of all the 3DEXPERIENCE platform capabilities. It is designed to help our customers develop a comprehensive plan and cost estimate for the deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE before they can proceed with their project. Our experience with hundreds of PLM projects makes us uniquely qualified to deliver unbiased recommendations.

Our ultimate goal is to help you meet your customer and marketplace expectations in how you bring products to market on time and on budget.

Rapid Results

The Adaptive 3DEXPERIENCE Rapid Results program is targeted for companies that are implementing their first product lifecycle management system or are interested in gradually introducing modern PLM technology to replace legacy processes and systems. It is designed to quickly establish the 3DEXPERIENCE environment using standard capabilities for team collaboration, document and CAD design management, and review and approval processes.  Our step by step process will get an initial team up and running quickly on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so that you can replicate those results across other parts other organization.

3DEXPERIENCE PLM Implementation

3DEXPERIENCE implementation projects go smoothly when everyone has the proper expectations set from the beginning.  We often say “Failure to plan is to plan to fail.”  We specialize in implementing your version of product lifecycle management by breaking it down into cross functional groupings that impact the product development process. Our implementation process organizes the right team of people, and creates a deployment schedule and asset plan that factors in your goals, timeline and budget.

Examples of cross functional implementations include:

  • Non-CAD Document Management
  • CAD Document Management
  • Simulation Management
  • BOM & Change Management
  • Program & Project Management

Product Lifecycle Management Migration

Legacy data migration is one of the most challenging and under-estimated components of enterprise system deployments like upgrading to 3DEXPERIENCE. Our consulting team collectively has decades of experience in extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of legacy data for many, many types of business systems including PDM, PLM, MRP, ERP, CRM, and custom applications.  No matter what your technology environment, we can move data from one system to another so that applications can realize their maximum advantage and you can begin to realize the benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


The Helpdesk is available to provide support for your PLM system users and administrators.  Support coverage is available during normal working hours for most of North America, and technical support consultants are often available outside of those hours for specific needs (when pre-arranged) to support upgrades and other mission-critical activities. Adaptive clients can expect technical support responses between 8:00AM and 6:00PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except holidays). Inbound support is available by phone and email, and leverages advanced technologies to speed issue resolution.

Helpdesk services are available for purchase:

  • Per Incident
  • Prepaid Blocks of Time (minimum 10 hours)
  • Annual Application Administration (volume discount with annual plan)

PLM Development & Customization

When it comes to customizing 3DEXPERIENCE or elements of the platform like CATIA, SIMULIA, EXALEAD our consultants ask, “should it be done?” before diving into, “can it be done?” We want to make sure that custom development is the right path to follow; this is the difference between a business consultant (“why do you need this?”) and a developer-for-hire (“how many changes would you like?”).  For many organizations, “customization” dredges up painful memories of a past software deployment that went off the rail in scope and cost.  However, custom coding, scripting, and automation are sometimes exactly what is needed, particularly when it can offer a competitive advantage by providing a unique capability or a more streamlined process. Adaptive offers the full breadth of custom development and programming as well as integrations to support the implementation of

Integration Services

Adaptive has helped hundreds of customers to integrate point to point applications or to push or pull data across a series of applications. We can create, configure, and develop numerous integrations across PDM, PLM, MRP, ERP, CRM, SharePoint, and custom applications.  Our consultants have been deploying  integrations for Dassault Systèmes implementations for many years.  One common integration is connecting SOLIDWORKS PDM with 3DEXPERIENCE or ENOVIA.  Integration between 3DEXPERIENCE and ERP is also quite common.

Our team understands the critical characteristics of system-to-system integration as well as system-to-ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) integration, including: synchronicity (whether event-driven, batch mode, or through other triggers), directionality (one direction or both), transformation (logic and rules governing data modification), and conflict/failure resolution. Beyond these baseline competencies, we also understand the unique characteristics of engineering data that are often missed by general IT providers. Specifications, sample data, and use cases are key elements of Adaptive’s approach to systems integration, ensuring performance to requirements and repeatable success.

System Health Check

Once a PLM system is operational for some time, a Health Check is useful to ensure that data is being managed correctly and the right maintenance activities are occurring at a regular cadence.  Our services team will analyze your current system maintenance practices and provide recommendations for improved methods for your PLM system maintenance, or for configuration and customization services related to any part of this health check.

A typical System Health Check can include:

  • Environment Survey (architecture, software and version, file store info)
  • Environment Operation Survey (review system logs)
  • Perform System Checks (run non-destructive scripts to collect reporting data)
  • Review System Usage (roundtable discussion to get user feedback of system)
  • Targeted Process Usage Review (functional group feedback of system)

System Health Checks start at $7,500.

3DEXPERIENCE Upgrade Assessment

Using a fixed bid approach, Adaptive can review your current PLM environment and provide a detailed report that can prepare your company for a future upgrade.

In a typical PLM Upgrade Assessment the deliverables are:

  • Customization Report (what has been changed)
  • Health Report (database and data readiness)
  • Feature Mapping Report (map current features to future features)
  • Upgrade Scope & Estimate

PLM Upgrade Assessments are priced from $10k to $60k depending on the complexity of the environment.

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