Using advanced tools and processes, Adaptive has extensive experience providing Simulation services for our customers. We can act as an extension of your team or provide mentoring or method development services to help you accelerate your simulation projects and processes. Adaptive can help you use simulation to validate your digital designs, identifying critical issues, or optimizing your design virtually prior to production. From static or dynamic analysis to vibration analysis and thermal analysis, our Simulation Services will help to optimize your design for your products in development before they go to manufacturing.

Structural Analysis

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools and other traditional methods, we are experts at helping our customers analyze and develop solutions for their complex structural problems. For both linear and nonlinear analysis, we are able to utilize advanced techniques to help solve your problems. Adaptive can incorporate techniques such as inertia relief, non-linear contact, advanced material modeling, large deformation (ALE, SPH,CEL) and many others to help you solve your most difficult problems.

Kinematics & Multibody Dynamics

A multibody dynamic (MBD) system consists of solid bodies connected to each other by joints which restrict relative motion. MBD Analysis can incorporate both rigid and flexible components, and integrate control systems (pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical) for complete systems analysis. MBD Analysis can be used to simulate system/vehicle performance & stability, calculate system loads and displacements, and be coupled with other simulation tools for component interactions (DEMS).

Durability & Fatigue Analysis

As an engineer, you are familiar with designing your products to be able to survive worst case loads, and using simulation to validate this. This is usually works well, but sometimes products fail after experiencing a repeated load that was significantly less than worst case – this failure is typically fatigue. As loading becomes more complex, with variable amplitude, mean offsets, overloads, and complex series of events, fatigue analysis becomes more critical to accurately predicting durability, and developing robust products.

Composites Analysis

Aerospace, motorsport, and defense are some of many industries who are using composites for mass production as material costs drop and avail- ability increases. Detailed composite analysis is a must to gain full performance benefits from these new materials. Our composite services will help you create unique composite models that measure and balance material attributes for strength, environmental sustainability, cost, and lightness, ensuring a successful, cost effective product is brought to market.

Load Development

Dynamic structural loading is a major challenge when engineering for linear stress, yet very few manufacturers have a digitally driven analysis workflow in place. Most industries in transportation, construction equipment, and related disciplines rely on round after round of physical testing which can be expensive and time consuming. Testing prototypes of large construction equipment is not overly efficient, that’s why we recommend using load development practices that compare lab data with real world testing to deliver optimal analysis results. At Adaptive we can help develop real-time load data to calculate and test various load sizes to prevent product failures and ensure long term, repeatable success.


Engineers today are required to go beyond validating existing designs; they must help design teams identify new and more optimal design possibilities. Simulation optimization helps engineers optimize topology, reduce weight while maintaining strength, create more efficient bead patterns, and improve flow structures of existing product designs. Optimizing products before they go to manufacturing ensure that all environmental uses are modeled to better predict product behavior when it is in use.

Method Development

Successful design of complex manufactured products is not accomplished by focusing on one specific task as a time. There is a complex give-and-take of engineering considerations, requiring collaboration between all engineering stakeholders. Our method development services help our clients improve their product development processes to drive further simulation innovation.

Process Automation

Process automation services help verify your product design process by capturing standard workflows and identify proven methods that will work in your environment. Our team can map out complete application process flows or just simple task and functional workflow automation. With our team, we can mix and match both workflow and physics for the most optimal process design.

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