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Creaform for portable coordinate measurement

Metrology has become an integral part of manufacturing processes. The use of 3D scanning has become more affordable, more portable, and more accurate. This data is becoming an essential part of model-based design, moving from being used only for inspections but also reverse engineering and quality control. 3D data is moving from the engineering offices to the shop floor, and the use of real-time 3D scanning is becoming part of the manufacturing management process.

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Adaptive is a value-added reseller for Creaform 3D Scanning and CMM products, including:

Portable Scanners

Go!SCAN SPARK™ – the fastest and easiest 3D scanning solution to accelerate your product development

HandySCAN BLACK™ – The latest generation of the HandySCAN 3D features improved optics, multiple blue laser technology and powerful algorithms for faster, more accurate instant measurements.

MetraSCAN 3D – the most complete 3D scanning solution for metrology-grade measurements on all materials.

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3D Scanning Software

VXelements: Creaform 3D software platform and application suite.

VXmodel: Scan-to-design software.

VAinspect: Dynamic tracking software module.

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Automated 3D Scanning Systems

MetraSCAN 3D-R: Automated Optical 3D Scanner

CUBE-R: Turnkey 3D Scanning CMM System

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Education Solutions

Educational solutions for engineering teachers.

Educational solutions for researchers.

Creaform considers itself to be an industry pioneer, and intends to continuously improve in its ability to deliver better tools for creation, simulation, verification, and collaboration – all in 3D and increasingly in real time. One sample is its research on phased-array inspections and imaging for non-destructive testing (NDT) for aircraft. By combining 3D modeling of an existing part with phased array inspection, maintenance teams get a more accurate representation of damage or wear, and get the actionable information faster.

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Adaptive Corporation is an award-winning partner with Creaform, a full-line provider of software and hardware for metrology and related engineering services. A new generation of arm-based and handheld scanners make it easier than ever to test and measure on the shop floor with high accuracy. In-process validation is becoming a routine part of the workflow, providing valuable, timely data and immediate feedback.

Creaform is committed to a future where the tools and methods of metrology become a guiding force in manufacturing automation, by creating the digital thread of data that links physical data to the virtual model. Complex shapes will be completely and accurately characterized, and defaults will be analyzed in real time.

Creaform is an industry pioneer striving to improve its ability to deliver better tools for creation, simulation, verification, and collaboration – all in 3D.

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